Keep your garden in shape this summer 1

If the weather is good – and you’ve made preparations for adequate seating areas and so on in previous months – then your garden might be a fantastic place to be right now. However, there are plenty of things green-fingered individuals can do to help it remain looking at its best. Just as boiler insurance can cover you for winter; these steps could get you prepared for some pleasant evenings ahead with your feet up.

Love your lawn

If during the colder weather your lawn was neglected somewhat then it might be worth giving it a little extra tender, loving care this month. Regular mowing – at least once every couple of weeks – is perhaps the best way to keep it looking at its best. Don’t let your cuttings go to waste either as they can be added to your compost bin.

If necessary, don’t be afraid to add a little fertiliser to your grass and tackle weeds by uprooting them or using an appropriate weed killer. Avoid yellow patches by moving around garden ornaments or furniture regularly.

You could also take the time to tidy up your borders, this can improve the definition of your garden and make your shrubs look better than ever.

Welcome the right kind of wildlife

While certain visitors to your backyard – such as snails, slugs and beetles – may not be particularly welcome due to the damage they can cause, others are likely to be a more enjoyable sight. Birds might effectively remove problems by preying on them and avoid you having to but down potentially harmful pellets. So keep hedgerows thick enough for them to nest in, place a birdbath and consider putting up nesting boxes.

Take care of indoor plants

Why not take advantage of the time freed up by not needing to worry about your boiler cover for at least a few months by concentrating on some other tasks? If you’ve household plants then make sure they are getting enough water and re-plant those that appear to be outgrowing their containers. You should also try to get the right balance between time spent outside and indoors. So bring them in on a cold night, place them in the garden on a pleasant day and use blinds to avoid them scorching.


Collect water to avoid wastage

In summer the money saved on central heating bills can quite easily be eaten in to by the costs of increased water usage. It may, therefore, be wise to install a water butt in your back yard to collect rainwater. This can then be used to keep your plants healthy and prevent you from needing to get the hosepipe out. The same applies to grey water, which is particularly useful during water shortages. So why not save your leftover bath or washing up water for your plants? If you do have crops that you plan to eat then it’s best to avoid using it on them due to the potential for contamination.