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8 Tips for caring for school shoes

Shoes shoes are a real investment.  Mini has just had to have new ones as his feet had grown and they cost £42, thankfully we had a £40 voucher from Clarks to put towards them.  For Mini we really have to look to a shop like Clarks as he has wide feet and a high instep.  His current shoes are a 2.5 H width fitting.  When you pay that short of money for shoes it is essential that you look after them and I have to say I learned a lot about caring for leather shoes from my Dad and Granddad.

caring for school shoes

  1. Add a name label, when you have paid for school shoes, you do not want to lose them! 
  2. Protect them before they are first worn with a protective waterproof spray and again on a regular basis.
  3. Never dry them over a radiator or heat source when wet, instead fill with crumpled newspaper of paper and allow to dry naturally.
  4. Get your children to take them off when they get home from school to air them out.
  5. Remove dirt as soon as possible, get in to the habit of giving them a wipe over each night with a damp cloth
  6. Clean on a regular basis with a leather cleaner.  I am an old-fashioned wax and brush girl, which I leave on for an hour to sink in before removing with a soft brush and rag.  Applying the wax with a brush gets it in to all the bumps and crevices.
  7. Liquid scuff polish is a great quick fix to keep shoes looking smart
  8. If shoes start to smell then a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda in them overnight will deodorise them.

clarks shoes

Mini really wanted the yellow and green trainers, but school shoes have to be black! I love the use of coloured laces to bring shoes and boots up to date and will be doing this with the boys shoes.



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