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Homemade thank you cards for kids to make 16

I believe very strongly that children should be taught the importance of thank you cards, not just to keep up the tradition, but as a lesson in thankfulness and taking some time and effort to sit and think about the person who gave them the gift.  I find one of the best ways to do this is making homemade thank you cards with the boys and using the time to talk about why we are grateful for gifts we are given. We pulled this collection of homemade thank you cards together for everyone who would like some inspiration for cards that kids can actually make themselves.

Fingerprint Monster thank you cards 24

Do your kids send thank you cards?  The MiniMad’s send thank you cards their have made every year.  Last year it was thumbprint Robin thank you cards, this year it is fingerprint monster thank you cards. We love giving fingerprint monster cards as they encourage people to get creative and add their own monsters to the blank fingerprints.  Plus these are easy to make, if you have smaller children they can just do the fingerprinting and you can add the rest. How to make fingerprint monster thankyou cards

Make your own Christmas cards

  While it is very easy to just head down to the high street and purchase a bulk of Christmas cards to send out to all your friends and family, you are losing out on a quick-fire way to get into the festive spirit. Creating your own Christmas cards will not take much time – you can create a huge pile in the space of an afternoon – and is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. So free up some time when the whole family is available and follow this guide to create cards that recipients will surely be proud to display on their mantelpiece. 1.       Work out your more »

Homemade Birthday Cards 4

We are a family that loves making and receiving homemade cards.   However, I am aware the boys are getting older and I want to keep their enthusiasm for the homemade and very amateur cards.  So I thought I would share with you the cards I made for Maxi this year and also some of the DIY birthday cards we have made for family members over the year. Birthday candle birthday card.

Children’s Craft Showcase – Fathers Day Cards and Presents

Fathers day will soon be upon us, it is Sunday 20th June this year and I have been busy thinking about cards and gifts for MadDad.  If you are anything like me then you would prefer to give a home made card every time.I have a couple of very simple ideas for you. I was inspired by Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog for this card. Materials Card stock pencil or pen circle stickers, various colours scissors Method Initially fold your card stock in half to to create a greeting card shape Draw a number of lines horizontally across the card to make the wire for the birds to sit on. more »

Christmas now versus Christmas 1976 3

Christmas now versus Christmas 1976 is a paid collaboration with Admiral in conjunction with their #CostofChristmas campaign.  I took a real trip down memory lane when Admiral asked me to get involved in this campaign to compare the cost of Christmas now with the cost of Christmas from when I was 3 years old back in 1976.

Free Happy Weekend Adult Colouring Page 60

As you might know, I am a huge fan of colouring in for adults.  I find it relaxing and helps me switch off from the intensity of everyday life.  I have been working with the wonderful Tasha from Tasha Goddard Illustrates since the beginning of my journey into adult colouring and I am delighted to be sharing with you a free Happy Weekend  colouring page, but even more exciting some amazing greetings cards by Cardooo which are illustrated by Tasha.

Over 101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers 2

Over 101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers is a paid collaboration with Goodfella’s Romano Pizza. As my boys are getting older I am finding that keeping them entertained over the summer is getting more expensive and it appears that I am not alone in finding it pricey,  A study by Goodfella’s Pizza discovered that during the six weeks summer holiday parents spend an average of £127 a child to stop their offspring becoming bored.  “I’m Bored” is one of the phrases that I have banned here, in fact over the years I have used it to my advantage with our Bored Jars.  So I have partnered up with Goodfellas and their more »

Simple Father’s Day card – Hap-pea Father’s Day 7

I absolutely adore this simple Father’s Day card that has been designed for you by my fab 11 year old Maxi.  It is perfect for adding a little colour to as he has or for you to colour in completely and I am sure that any Dad would love being wished a Hap-pea Father’s Day.  This card was inspired by the fact that MadDad is currently growing peas in the garden.

Try Something New With Your Family During National Family Week

Try Something New With Your Family During National Family Week
Do you spend enough time with your family? As our schedules get busier and budgets get tighter, enjoying real quality time with our loved ones seems to have become something of a luxury, never mind using that time to do something really memorable. However, there’s a great reason this May to clear your diary – National Family Week, which encourages families to get together by highlighting the importance of family time, and organising hundreds of family-friendly events across the UK.
Taking place between the 27th May and 2nd June, there’s bound to be a fantastic National Family Week event in your local area, but there’s no reason why you can’t just hold your own! National Family Week is also a fantastic time to try something new with your family to make the week really special, and create some memories that will last a lifetime. Here are four great ideas to get you started.
Try a New Restaurant
If there’s an exciting-looking restaurant that’s opened up in your area, National Family Week is the ideal time to give it a whirl, and enjoy some tasty grub with your family – now that’s a good excuse to leave the office early! Alternatively, if money is short, try cooking a dinner together and getting the kids involved. They’ll get to learn a new skill or two, and you’ll all have a wonderful time.
Have a Craft-ernoon
There are few things more fun than getting your hands dirty, so this National Family Week, set aside an afternoon for the whole family to get stuck into some crafts. If your children are very young, help them to make cress heads or painted pasta jewellery, or for older children, you could all collaborate on a larger project such as making a scrapbook, creating teacup candles, or even using decoupage to decorate an item of furniture. As well as enjoying some crucial bonding time, you’ll all have a keepsake to remember the day by.
Send a Smile
Do you remember when you were young, and everyone had a pen pal? In the age of email and texting, writing letters has fallen by the wayside, so get your family together to put pen to paper during National Family Week, and send a note to those faraway family members. You could invest in a beautiful letter-writing set or just pick up some funny cards from the greetings card specialist Hallmark but don’t forget to include some rib-tickling stories and a photo or two.
Get Sporty
Don’t let the summer pass you and your family by! Grab a Frisbee or football and get outside in the fresh air during National Family Week, or even better, why not organise a ‘Sports Day’ for your family and friends? You can hold an egg and spoon race, a bean-bag throwing contest, and of course the obligatory sack race, and ensure an unforgettable afternoon of fun that you’ll want to hold again and again.