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Over 50 New years eve crafts and activities for kids 10

Do you let your children bring in the New Year?  I love how excited kids get about New Year’s Eve and they really want to be part of the New Years Eve celebration and will try so hard to try to stay up until Midnight, but never make it!  We have a small celebration with our best friends and their four boys, so we do lots of new years eve crafts and activities with the kids and sometimes we have an early New Year’s Eve Celebration so that they can feel part of the fun.

New Yeats activities

5 Things Pregnant Mothers Should Include in Their New Year’s Resolutions 22

If you’re expecting a baby during the first few months of the New Year, you’ll need to negotiate all the excitement and temptation of the New Year celebrations. But rather than look upon this as a challenge, you could view it as an opportunity to make some lifestyle choices for a healthier pregnancy. These New Year’s resolutions should leave you feeling healthier and more optimistic about the year ahead – and about the arrival of your baby.

Getting organised in the New Year with Journl and our Merlin Annual Pass 57

One of my intentions for 2015 is to be organised, but to also have less clutter in my life.  Now the boys are older, I no longer have to carry around a large bag with lots of paraphernalia, so I have gone back to a small bag and some days no bag at all and the only things that I carry around with me are my purse and my phone. So for the last couple of months I have been using an app called Journl to help me be more organised.  Since becoming a mum I went back to using a paper diary and notebook, but I realised that it made […]

New years wish crackers 5

My boys adore crackers and our homemade crackers were such a hit, we decided to make a variation for new Year, so here you have our new years wish crackers. Instead of jokes, these crackers each contain a wish we would like to come true in the coming year. We also filled them with festive confetti and of course a paper hat, We customised our hats with 2015. Make your own New Year’s Wish Crackers

New Year, Start Fresh: How to Freshen Up Your Home for 2014

It’s a brand new year, a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Why not start the year by giving your home a fresh new face? You will be amazed at how different your home will feel if you apply just a few freshening touches. Fresh Air You can start by drawing back the curtains, opening your windows wide and letting in some brand new year fresh air. Giving your home a good clean will also do wonders to create a fresh new feel. The Furniture Why not welcome in 2014 by rearranging your space? Just because your lounge has always been situated against the back wall of your lounge room is […]

A Frugal Christmas and a Debt Free New Year 2

Are you cutting back this Christmas? Research by the Co-Operative Bank shows that a third of us are spending less this year than last year and nearly two thirds of us keeping our budget the same.

I am a great believer that in order to have a good christmas, you need to take a step back and realise that it isn’t about what you get it is about spending time with the ones you love and really enjoying spending time together. We have had a fantastic advent, making, baking and just generally having fun together and I am so looking forward to spending some time with all my family over the next couple of weeks.

Looking at the infographic below as was shocked to find that I live in the region spending the most and just how much less we have spent. This just goes to reinforce with me that you do not have to spend to find happiness.

Starting School, Tips for Parents – What I wish I knew before my children started school

Starting school, Tips for Parents is a round-up of all my and others’ precious knowledge of things that would have made that first day of school and subsequent days in the classroom so much easier. Looking back at my children’s education experience, there are so many things that I wish I had known before they started school: tips, tricks and things that made my life easier and helped me help them.

A Genius Way To get Kids to Try New foods with Lancashire Farm Diaries 1

A Genius Way To Get Kids to Try New foods with Lancashire Farm Diaries is a paid collaborative post. Do you have fussy eaters or children that are just stuck in their way when it comes to eating? I think that at some point this is something that all parents will experience and I love the way that Lanchasire Farm Diaries came up with to encourage my boys to try new foods.

2016 The year of House Updates 13

Last month I shared with you that we needed to update our playspaces in our home as our boys are getting older and we have started to implement some changes.  We have been in our current home nine years and we had nearly all of our furniture from way before then.  In fact, we were still using towels, cuttlery and placemats that we were bought as wedding presents over 21 years ago.

5 Tips for choosing a family friendly hotel – Laterooms Best Family Friendly Hotel of the Year 2016 7

When was the last time you had a great experience in a hotel as a family? How do you go about choosing a family friendly hotel?  I know how important it is to feel comfortable when you are staying in a hotel when you have children.   I am delighted to be working with Laterooms and to be able to share with your this year’s Best Family Friendly Hotel of the year.