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A brilliant Maths App you need to know about

A brilliant Maths App you need to know about is a paid collaborative post with Mathpid (https://mathpid.com/). As parents we really want to support our children’s learning at home without making homework and any additional learning a battleground. In fact, the holy grail for me is when children want to keep learning independently and without involvement from me and that is where Mathpid comes into its own.

A brilliant Maths App you need to know about

I am not going to lie, even though I understand maths, it isn’t my forte. It is over 30 years since I left school and the way I was taught maths is not the same today. Plus, in all honesty approaching math problems as a parent when you may solve it differently to the school can create a divide between you and your children. I know in an ideal world we would all love to have a tutor to help our children learn, especially after the learning gap that lockdown created, but I know just how cost prohibitive that can be, which is why Mathpid is such a great application. You get free access to the unlimited daily topics and maths camera (read on to find out just what they are)……

A brilliant Maths App you need to know about

About Mathpid App

Mathpid is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven app developed by a team of experts with over 42 years of teaching experience who developed this app in conjunction with experts from Silicon Valley and also with research and input from over 300 teachers and tutors to ensure that students are kept engaged, learning and motivated to improve their maths skills. They also worked with Professor Minhyong Kim from Oxford University, Edinburgh Institute for International Mathematical Sciences to ensure the long-term validity of usage of the app.

The Mathpid App turns passive engagement with technology into real-world hands-on educational learning experience where students can instantly solve maths problems and be rewarded.

A brilliant Maths App you need to know about

How does Learning with Mathpid Work?

Whether you have a math-phobic child or one that excels at maths and therefore can be likely to make mistakes due to boredom Mathpid will work for your child. I have one child that makes silly mistakes due to overconfidence and another who just zones out due to the repetitive nature of a lot of maths learning tools. Mathpid allows your child to study independently at their own pace due to the AI aspect of the app.   The AI Math Tutor ensures that your child works to their level and that maths problems are no longer boring or repetitive. Instead, they build your child enthusiasm and interest in mathematical concepts using a customised solution. Unlike other academic apps that have pre-filmed videos which are uploaded from time to time, The AI Maths tutor is always relevant.

You start with the Math Skill Diagnostic Test where the AI Math Tutor conducts a diagnostic test to judge your child’s level in Math and accordingly the Math App Tutor will personalize the course in order to improve your child’s overall performance.

There are daily and weekly Missions and also topics such as Addition, Decimals, Fractions, Equations, Division, Multiplication and Subtraction if your child wants to focus on one skill at a time. Your child creates their own character that guides them through the lessons, getting instant feedback on the challenges and then awarded badges and praise to encourage them to keep on learning.

In addition to the AI-driven learning you can download unlimited maths problems by concept and level allowing for offline learning too using its worksheet function.

Mathpid also comes into its own with its unique Maths Camera where you can take a photograph of a mathematics problem and the AI can help you with that too, by explaining the concept – Yes, the AI tutor recognises handwriting and allows your child to practice similar questions at their skill level too. For me this is brilliant, it doesn’t give them the answer rather it guides them with the topic, so they actually develop the ability to answer it themselves. Genius!

Benefits for Your Child

  • Motivates reluctant mathematicians.
  • Boosts maths skills by giving a deeper understanding of concepts including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, decimals, proportions, equations and more at your children’s skill level.
  • Encourages a child’s enthusiasm for Maths.
  • Productive use of screen time.
  • Makes maths a fun activity rather than just associated with learning and school.

Benefits for Parents

  • Anytime – Anywhere with the 24/7 access Mathpid provides this math learning helper can easily be used anytime, anywhere meaning that you can capitalise on your child enthusiasm for screen usage!
  • Cost – Even before the cost of living crisis and recession tutors were expensive and Mathpid is an excellent free alternative with proven results. The AI tutor provides a tailored 1-to-1 solution to your child.
  • Instant feedback – It takes your understanding out of the equation using the math camera you can check your children’s homework with them and solve problems that you might not be able to and also practice similar questions.
  • Ad-free experience – Mathpid assures ads-free usage. I think this is ace as it prevents any break in concentration while studying.
  • Versatile and great user-experience – This app runs on all smartphones and tablets (Android or IOS software), so it’s accessible to all.
  • It allows you to keep track of your children’s progress.
A brilliant Maths App you need to know about

Mathpid covers age 4 to 16 in English with integrated maths games called Math Farm and Go Pilot aimed at kids ages 7 to 10 years of age. I think it is a brilliant addition to a parents tool kit and an excellent wat to build your kids confidence in math at their own pace. It is also a brilliant cost effective home education tool that will be a great addition to your curriculum resources.

My best friends 11 year old has been testing it out for me. He started Secondary school in September and even though he is pretty good at math the whole experience of learning in Secondary is different from Primary school and he has really enjoyed using Mathpid and his mum can really see the benefit of the math camera and only wishes it had been around for her three older boys! Using the app for 12 weeks increases a child’s learning level (on the app) to a level 7. He used the app to brush up on his equations (the topic he is currently learning) and improved his correct answer rate to 93% without any adult input at all, so I can really see thatMathpid is an effective learning alternative to a tutor.

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