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A Candle Lovers Gift Guide has been updated for 2023. Do you have someone in your life who loves Candles, but you are not sure what to get them, then this candle lovers gift guide is for you. I adore candles and now my boys are older I can use them when they are around rather than just late at night when they are asleep like I used to I think over the years I have developed a keen eye and nose for a good candle.

Shopping for a candle lover? Here is the ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide to help you find a great candle or accessory gift for everyone.

Our knowledge of candles has come far recently and we have learned that there is such a thing as an eco candle, one with wax that burns clean and without artificial fragrance. Candles that are scented with essential oils bring many benefits including clean air. What I would say is that using soy wax and essential oils opened up candle-making to many more small businesses and you can find fabulous soy wax candles locally a lot of the time. So if you are shopping for a candle lover? Here is the ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide to help you find a great candle or accessory gift for everyone. If you love candles as much as me then make sure you see how we turn a simple jar candle into an advent candle here.

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The Ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide

Shopping for a candle lover? Here is the ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide to help you find a great candle or accessory gift for everyone.

Refill My Candle – When you have burned all these candles you will have loads of beautiful containers and that is where Refill My Candle comes into its own. They have everything you need to make your own eco-wax candles and reuse your containers. I am a BIG fan and have already made three new candles using their kit. Fabulous.

Eco-Friendly Scented Candles

Coorie means To Snuggle or Nestle and this limited edition Coorie candle by Arran is a snuggle in scented form. Made in Scotland this candle has a comforting fragrance of fresh citrus notes, together with a heart of cedar and leather, finished with warm undertones of amber and smoked woods.  It really smells like a good book by a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate all in one after a long winter walk. It isn’t overpowering in its smell as some candles can be and now the nights have drawn in, I delight in lighting it for an hour or so each night and it should last quite a while as it has a 35 hour burning time.

I was recently introduced to Kindred Fires, a newly launched luxury personalised candle brand; the sister company of wedding stationery retailer Norma&Dorothy (Covid decimated the wedding industry). Their candles are plastic free as is their packaging and are hand poured with soy wax in Manchester.

ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide

we were sent their personalised family Christmas Decoration Candle in lavender and white tea. I adore this candle because we can bring out the jar every year and use it with a tea light. The glass is etched with a house (perfect for 2020 the year we stayed home), the family name in italic lettering and the names of each family member. At £24 for 40 hours burning time and a commutative decoration for years to come is great value.

My everyday scented jar candle that I have come to rely on is basil and lime hand poured scented soy candle from Snapdragon Life.

ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide

It comes in an amber jar with a simple label perfect for everyday use. Poured in Scotland these candles use natural fragrances and are amazing value at £13.

Another of my favourites is Neom and I am a big fan of their Scent to Sleep range .

ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide

My old next-door neighbour was an aromatherapist and she always taught me to sniff the scent and go with my nose. If I liked the smell then it was what I needed. Their candles only use 100% natural fragrances and a special vegetable wax blend.

ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide

KOHA Beauty Lavender soy candle is made using a blend of premium quality coconut and soy wax infused with pure essential oils. Coconut oil is very environmentally friendly but less stable at room temperature than other waxes (have you ever had your pot of coconut oil go liquid on a hot day)? So it is often mixed with soy, but these candles cost a little more.

Another pure essential oil candle range is HOBO from Hey Ho Co hand poured in small batches using only 100% natural vegan soy wax infused with blends of pure essential oils.

Each candle is handmade, using the highest quality fragrance oils and vegan soy wax. Each candle is presented in a brushed rose gold tin with a 30-40 hour burn time. We love the New Dawn Rhubarb and Rose candle, it smells amazing.

Another amazing Soy Wax candle is from VIllage Wax Melts, which produce Luxury Wood Wick Candles. They are really affordable and burn really well.

Shopping for a candle lover? Here is the ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide to help you find a great candle or accessory gift for everyone.

Non-Scented Candles

There is more to candles than the scent, in fact on an evening or early, I love the glow that a candle gives. The colour of the light is so soothing. When it comes to pillar candles, tapers or even tea lights then stearin is a great option as is beeswax. Stearin is also vegan-friendly as is soy as it comes from plant-based materials rather than petroleum. Stearin burns at a higher temperature leading to a taller brighter flame, minimal drip and is smokeless.

My first go to for Stearin candles is Ikea. Their JUBLA Unscented chandelier candles are £3.75 for 20 making them excellent value. Even at £11 from Amazon, they are still good value if you don’t have a local Ikea

Lets talk about all the candle stumps you end up with when you burn pillar candles. This Born in Sweden – Stumpastaken is designed to use candle stubs and enable them to burn down to the candleholder’s bottom. This way, candle stubs that used to be lying in the cupboard for a long time can be used at last. Overall, there are holes for nine candles in rows of three. I also use mine to burn tealights too. I purchased the cork coaster for mine to raise it up off the table.

We have also had these Liljeholmens 40 Pack Tapered Dinner Candles which are 100% stearin and Nordic swan eco-labelled which means the product meets high standards for reduced environmental impact and at £18 for 40 including postage are ace.

Cobble & Hive are a halifax based company making beeswax candles which smell divine. a set of two tapers is £12

Whilst we are talking about beeswax candles these giant stubbies burn for 24 hours and are amazing.

Now, Not necessarily a candle, If you love a scent, then Wax melts are going to be more your thing. Village Wax Melts have a fabulous selection and are amazing.

Shopping for a candle lover? Here is the ultimate Candle Lovers Gift Guide to help you find a great candle or accessory gift for everyone.

The Candle Lover guide to Lighting

How beautiful are these match strikes from RE?

Or how about a quirky concrete house match striker for larger matches.

My local store Lillian Daph has loads of brilliant bottle match strikes and also beautiful matches.

I am after a USB rechargeable electronic lighter for my candles for Christmas. This is the one I have on my list.

Candle Holders and candle sticks

My favourite store for all my candle holders is Lillian Daph, they always have such a great range and I have numerous of theirs around my home.

I have three of these beautiful Glass candle sticks. They look even better under candlelight.

This candle holder with candlesticks would be perfect for Advent.

I have been obsessing over these tealight holders by Caslin since I saw them on Instagram. The translucent quality of the porcelain means the tea light will softly glow for a beautifully ambient effect. She also makes beautiful candle holders too. Father Christmas please can I have one?

I love these multipurpose candles or tealight holders from H&M. Just turn them over and just £3.99

There are not many things I collect, but a number of these beautiful canal house tealight holders do grace my home and I have my eye on the two larger ones on the left.

How stunning are these beautiful light chamber candle holders – they are just amazing. They are from Nordic Nest and I want everything from there!

Candle Accessories

In order to stop your candle burning unevenly a wick trimmer is a must and this set is ace. Ever wonder how people managed to get scissors to the bottom of large jars, well this is the secret!

Another way to ensure an even burn is to use a candle jar topper, they work by reducing the drafts across the wick and help prevent flare. This one is perfect for Autumn and they are also a great way to change up your decor.

Or you could look for a more seasonal candle topper.

I love placing candles on glass or mirrored trays, you get twice the light and this hexagonal one is beautiful.

I can just imagine the glow that this beautiful Nordic Lights Shade will cast.

Make your Own Candles

Perhaps you want to try your own hand at making candles, I used teacups and saucers here. Now that you can buy soy wax it is so much easier as you can melt it in the microwave safely and wash your equipment.