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Over the October half term we spend 5 days at the amazing Potters Leisure Resort and I have been wondering just how to put into words how much fun we had and that is why this review has taken so long to get live!  Everytime I re read it I wanted to add more.  So if you are currently thinking of a holiday take a read and see just what we thought.

A family sporting break at Potters Leisure Resort

Anyone that knows me and my family in real life will confirm that I have two sporty boys and a husband who loves sports too.   And way back when I was in my prime I loved adventure sports and Hockey too, so a family sporting break at Potters Leisure Resort really appealed to my two boys.

A family sporting break at Potters Leisure Resort

Potters Leisure Resort

We spent 4 nights and 5 days over the October half term holidays at Potters Leisure Resort in Norfolk on one of their sports coaching showbreaks.  I have been pondering how I could put into writing just how wonderful our time at Potters was.  Well if I told you that we are already looking at booking again  (even though it is a five ish hour drive away from us) then that will put it into perspective for you.

Perfect for sports mad kids

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Both of my boys are football crazy and took the opportunity to spend a chunk of their time being coached by ex-Leeds legend Paul Reeny.  Paul kept over 40 kids entertained for around four hours a day.  Not only did he make them laugh, engaged with them, but he also taught them new skills and built unop any skills that they already might have.  In addition to keeping the kids on the pitch engaged his had most of the parents in stitches.  I can not praise Paul’s attention to those kids at all.  He even found them at meal times and chatted to them.

But a sports coaching break isnt just about football.  Oh no, let me share with you some of the other activities that we did over the five days:

Table tennis – oh by the end of our time there we were demons at the tables (cough).  Mini took it all very seriously and developed his own game face!

Potters Leisure Resort

Archery – The boys had a session of Junior archery and there is also adult archery and shooting available too.

Climbing – Both of my boys showed just how close our DNA is to monkeys a few times over our stay!

Indoor Kurling – We had so much fun taking part in the tournament on our last day we wished we had done it all week.  I even managed a perfect shot, just a shame it was in the warm ups.  Indoor curling is perfect for all ages and was a great family activity.

Indoor and outdoor bowls – Mini went and did this on his own with the inbetweenies club and loved it.

Short tennis and badminton – I wish I could say that I showed the kids a thing or two, but alas my boys are ultra competitive and do not lose.

Drift Karting – Both of the boys have now put a drift kart on their ultimate wish list.

Potters Leisure Resort

This was just the sports that we managed to fit in.  We did also manage to go to the pool a few times as it is open till 10 pm each night.  There are so many sports to choose from, most with coaching available too.  Did I mention that all of this is included in the cost?

Oh, but we don’t ALL like sports

The beauty of a sports and coaching break is there is something for everyone of every age.  It is like being on a cruise without any chance of seasickness!

There is a spa on site and I had an amazing massage there, which wasn’t overpriced and will certainly be cooking again.  There are fitness classes, quizzes and bingo too.  Perhaps you just want to take a stroll along the private beach or watch the kids have fun during the day.

No cooking – makes mum’s happy

No having to worry about what to cook or when to cook it, mealtimes are a joy at Potters.  You are allocated a dedicated table on your arrival, so you know where you will be sitting all week and will have the same waiting staff for most of your meals too.  This is great for the kids as they can meet you at the table.

Potters Leisure Resort

Did I mention that meals are included in the cost?  Well they are, breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack if you want one.  You only pay for your drinks and there is cold tap water at your table for each and every meal.

We really loved mealtimes with the choice of table service and self serve.  Children do not have to eat off the kids menu, in fact you can eat of which ever menu you choose or have both table and self service.  We thought the food was good quality and the service was excellent.  Maxi was really adventurous with his choices and MadDad commented that he hadn’t eaten so much in years.

Amazing Entertainment

My boys are nine and ten now and this was the first holiday we have been on where we have not insisted that they remain by our side all the time.  There really wasn’t the need.  The boys wanted to join The Inbetweenies (A group for tweens) and took part in the evening football tournaments, whilst I found my lucky streak playing bingo (for the first time in years).  The boys came along with us initially, so they knew where we were sitting and then returned when they wanted a drink or the club finished for the entertainment in the theatre.

Potters Leisure Resort

The evening shows were amazing.  The Atlas Theatre is a great location with both a motorised stage and big screens so you get a decent view no matter where you sit.  They kept my two boys sat mouth opened being entertained by The Potters Theatre Company.  The Theatreland show was a HUGE hit as the listened and sung along to hits from the musicals including Cats, Mamma Mia, Greece, Miss Saigon and more.  I really enjoyed the Legends show and we even managed to listen to some late night live music in one of the bars as we felt we had to try out the midnight snacks! Did I mention that all entertainment and kids clubs are included in the cost?


We stayed in the hotel and were delighted with the accommodation.  The beds were super comfy and the boys loved that they have their own little bedroom with its own TV (it was never turned on)! We had our own tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge too.

Potters Leisure Resort

There are also bungalows, which are like chalets that you can stay in around the site a short walk away from the entertainment complex.  We liked the thought of staying in one of the bungalows around the football area and they were all within a five minute walk of the main area.  The green areas around the bungalows house tennis courts, swings and other activities during the summer.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in our room at all.  In fact we pretty much just use it to sleep and wash and would bet the same for most of the people there.  So having beds with great mattresses made for a good night’s sleep before we got active again the following day.   The rooms are cleaned daily.

The staff go the extra mile

Potters really has something for all the family.  I know a lot of places claim that, but I really do think that Potters Leisure resort have it sussed.  It is THE perfect place for a multi-generational holiday with something for tots to teens and even for those awkward tweens in the middle.

We talked to families that have been coming for generations.  Parents bringing their children  for the first time because it was there they came as children.  People who come the same time each year to meet up with friends and other family.  It has a real family feeling to the resort.  Everyone walks around smiling and people chat to you as they pass.

The staff are amazing.  They really can not do enough for you and a lot of them have worked for Potters for years and have other family members working there too.  They answered every question with a smile and nothing was to much trouble.  We watched in awe as Buzby Allan wrangled over 45 kids aged 7-11 play indoor football with the ease and expertise that only comes from loving what you do.

Potters Leisure Resort

The entertainment team mingled at mealtimes chatting to people as though they were old friends (which they might just have been), shaking hands and enjoying jokes.

The housekeeping staff asked if you were having a good time as they passed you and always nodded and smiled.  Even the handymen who work overnight as the resort never closes were polite and made sure that they were not in your way.  The customer service we experienced was second to none.

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It is so hard to share with you JUST how much of an amazing time we had, it was just wonderful and each and everyone of us loved it.  Here is a little video I put together.

We were guests of Potters Leisure Resort, Norfolk.