A Genius Way To get Kids to Try New foods with Lancashire Farm Diaries 1

A Genius Way To Get Kids to Try New foods with Lancashire Farm Diaries is a paid collaborative post. Do you have fussy eaters or children that are just stuck in their way when it comes to eating? I think that at some point this is something that all parents will experience and I love the way that Lanchasire Farm Diaries came up with to encourage my boys to try new foods.

A Genius Way To Get Kids to Try New foods

I think that my boys are pretty adventurous, but actually, they have become stuck in a breakfast rut lately and we had so much fun with the toppers game that Lancashire Diaries sent us and it has helped more all of us out of our comfort zone. I think that it can be hard to get kids to try new food at any age and this was a super fun way to try.

In addition to a selection of their yogurts, they sent us a selection of toppings, sauces and a game to play and it was so much fun.

You had to pick a card which determined which type of yogurt you got.  Mine and Maxi’s favourite was the Greek style and Mini loved the Natural Bio. Then you threw a dice to determine the two toppings before picking a sauce card.

I love how you could apart this for other food and was delighted to see Mini try Chai seeds and granola both of which are not on his radar.

Maxi is a granola and yogurt chap over the summer and really enjoyed the addition of more nuts to his bowl. As a Mum, I love the flexibility of natural yogurt as it allows you to add your own toppings such as granola, seeds and a range of fruits to add their own sweetness and know exactly what your kids are eating. I have to say that I have been shocked at the levels of added sugar in some yogurts.

As the daughter in law of an ex-dairy farmer (now farming beef cattle), I know how important family run business are and Lancashire Farm Dairies is a Rochdale-based family business which has always believed in the power of yogurt. I also love that they have adopted a free-range Grazing Guarantee on all of its products, which means their cows are guaranteed to be out grazing in the pastures for at least 150 days per year, allowing them the freedom to benefit from roaming the fields. As a consumer, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be consuming yogurts from a brand that puts the welfare of its cows and farmers first.

We had so much fun with this that we did it again after Sunday Dinner for dessert.  All of the yogurts were smooth and fresh and tasted delicious.

I just wish I had thought of this as an idea when the boys were younger.  it is so simple to adapt, you just need to make your own dice.  You could have a salad bowl and pop the different choices on the sides.

A Genius Way To get Kids to Try New foods

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