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A Great Community Gala Day

My Brother and Sister in Law run the local Corus Sports and Social club and each year they have an annual Gala.  In the past Corus used to help out with the costs etc, but with the financial climate of the last few years they haven’t , which leaves funding, organising and everything else down to the wonderful Ladies of Steel, which my Sister in Law runs.  This years Gala was the best one yet.  A riot of good old fashioned fun for all the family.

It was a really bitter-sweet day for us, as we normally would always go with my mum, but the boys had a fantastic day, watching their cousin dance with the Clubs dance group.  Mini was voted as having the fancy dress costumes by the Major (so it couldn’t be classed as a fix).  Mini also got to work with the birds of prey (he was the first to volunteer).

The boys tried their hands at archery and rock climbing too and it was a fantastic day, which lead to a great night for the adults (we stayed at home with the boys).  So well done to Debbie and the other people involved, you really did a fantastic job.

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