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A Home Made Christmas

Pennies have been tight this year at TheMadHouse, so we have put our heads together and made as much as we can.
Rice and Lavender hot pad with removable cover
Felt pocket tissue cover
Basic wrapping with brown paper, wool, string and ribbon  – I am of the opinion that good packaging detracts from the homemade feel
I tied home made gingham and mother of pearl hearts to the wrapping.
We  had printed postcards of some photo’s we had taken over the year at Moo.
I made pouches to hold them

I made unique appliqué book bags for my neices.

Filled with home made crayon rolls

Paint brush and water colour rolls

and pen rolls

We included a good pad of artists paper in their bags too.

We made pear butter from gifted pears over the summer

The boys made calenders
We supplemented the gifts with some fantastic charity shop finds (Father Christmas Cushions 50p brand new)
All in all, I am really proud of what we managed to achieve over a short space of time, with little on the resource front.  The thing is that it has all been made with love and the person receving the gifts.



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