A list of things I learn whilst decorating 4

We have been decorating and moving rooms round and it has been a learning curve for us all.

  1. I am not good when things are out of place
  2. I have not managed to lose my control freak tendencies
  3. Once a Facilities Manager, always a Facilities Manager (I adore space planning)
  4. Some paint smells worse than others
  5. I have too much stuff
  6. We all have too much stuff
  7. The Norovirus wipes you out big style
  8. Everything takes 3 times longer when you have children trying to help
  9. Next time, find someone to look after the children

Oh and in case you are wondering, I pinched this idea of the far more interesting Victoria Wallop!

4 thoughts on “A list of things I learn whilst decorating

  • wendy

    Just think it will be all worth it once it is done and you can sit back and admire your achievements. yes decorating without kids is a lot easier
    We have been trying to decorate for the last year just trying to convince the kids of the change etc

  • Kate

    I have been de-cluttering as my house has become a store room for junk. It’s unbearable. Can’t wait to see the pics of the end result – when you’re done fancy coming to redecorate mine? 😉 xx

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