A little bit about us all and the start of the holidays 7

We are a family of five, trying to get through life in a happy, but somewhat chaotic house. I am a little obsessive, MadDad is practically perfect in every way and the MiniMads are happy, joyful, curly haired monsters aged 4 and 3. We also have a really old long hair white cat Mr Smudge to you and me, he kind of comes and goes as he pleases.

MadDad works Monday to Friday to keep us in pennies and I am a SAHM, who is going to tentatively start work part time over the summer at home.

This is our first summer before the eldest MiniMad starts school and is a really big milestone for us

I underwent a double mastectomy in February and didn’t think I would be here to experience this summer at all, so I thought I would keep a record of what we did and are going to do.

Today is the first day of the holidays for us, Preschool finished last week and all our organised mum and toddlers finish this week too. So today has been a planning day and an imagination day for the boys.

Our dinning room has become a Bedouin tent with the dinning table and chairs covered with blankets and the floor with every cushion and pillow in the house.

We have made a tepee with garden canes and played at cowboys with woody and Jessie from Toy Story.

I have also been declared heartless by the MiniMads when they were in their Doctor modes, as they could not discover a heartbeat at all (nothing new there then MadDad would declare)

We have also been planning what we want to get up to and the best way to show it. So have done a summer holiday planner and activities, which I am going to laminate and we can stick the activities on the right day.

We have also brainstormed the type of activity we want to do over the summer break.

Splitting it in to Go, Do, Make and Read. I guess that this will get added to quite a lot when we all think of things that we want to do or explore during the summer break.

7 thoughts on “A little bit about us all and the start of the holidays

  • Jean@MommyToTwoBoys

    I would ask how the summer plans went, but this was a year and a half ago so you may not remember! Ha!

    I am so happy to assume you did well after surgery, since you linked into this blog hop. Every woman in my family has had breast cancer so even at age 31 I get extensive testing done yearly. I am going to take a look around here at your blog to read more of your story.

    What a great reason you had to being your blog!

  • Dense Emanuel Clemen

    Your Comments

    An amazing first post. I love, love, love your categories of “go, do, make and read.” Now a new guide for my life.
    Thank you.

  • Jazzygal

    Yes, an emotional and lovely read. Blogging is such a great resource for dealing with whatever is going on in our lives. it’s kind of like therapy…isn’t it?

    Lovely first post.

    I’m always like that as summer approaches….making plans! Problem is I don’t write it down. i should follow your lead!

    xx Jazzy (via Blog Gems)

  • Life In A Pink Fibro

    What a brilliant start! Our madhouse also features mum, dad and two boys. I hope that you are travelling well after your mastectomy. And that those holidays went according to plan. Visiting from Blog Gems.

  • jen s*

    Hi via the Blog Gem bloghop — what a wonderful and inspiring first post. I’m going to pop over to present day to see how you all are doing!

  • @jencull (Jen)

    hehehe, ‘heartless’ v funny even if I have to disagree 🙂 Lovely first post, didn’t realise you had a double mastectomy. It is well in your past now? Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

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