A Little Legacy – Christmas 19


My mum never did anything by half and Christmas was one of those things that was just magical in my home growing up.  When I was younger the decorations and tree would always go up on 19th December, the day prior to my birthday and there would be crape streamers strung across the ceiling and paper bells and balls hanging from ceiling too.  Everyone got involved in decorating, It was a real family affair.

Christmas decorating took a back seat after my Dad died, that is until the Grandchildren came along and then again, my mums house was a festive wonder filled with tacky decorations along side the more traditional.  She might have complained about decorating, but once she made a start she wasn’t content until the Lounge, Dinning Room and Hall were all festive.

Taking down those decorations last year broke my heart and I wouldn’t have been able to manage without the help of my wonderful sister in law and even this year it is too raw to have all of them out (we split them between us), however, I do have some of them and these are the legacy that my mum leaves to me and that I will pass on to my children.

So My mum’s legacy this year is the wonderful decorations above, which I have placed through out my home.  The plastic Santa decorations, which are older than me, along with the small bears too.  Her Angel on top of my tree and Disney Decorations she bought with my Brother every time they went to Disney Land.   Each year we shall get out our decorations and think of her and maybe next year I will bring out more of her decorations and remember fondly the woman that shaped me and made me the mother I am today.  I miss you Mum, I love you Mum and you will forever live in in my heart.

19 thoughts on “A Little Legacy – Christmas

  • @byebyebirdieuk

    what a lovely legacy post. some objects are such doorways to our memories aren’t they? hope you have a warm and loving christmas x

  • Susan Mann

    Beautiful, I have a tear in my eye. Your mum was so lovely and you were so loved by your mum it’s lovely to hear and read. So much warmth and memories in this post. Hugs xx

  • VintageVicki

    Jen – it must be so hard for you this year. I know we are struggling because FIL was ill this time last year – he made it through Christmas but passed away in the New Year. Everything at the moment makes us think back to ‘this time last year’. Stay strong and I am thinking about you xxxx

    BTW those decs are so kitsch and fab – be lovely to think one day they’ll hang in Mini & Maxi’s family homes 🙂

  • Monika aka mumonthebrink

    Beautiful post that had me in tears. The love you have for your mum radiates throughout. As they pass away, they pass the batten for us and our children and in turn their children to carry on the magical traditions. I hope these heirlooms will be passed on for many generations to come and be valued for their magic and the memories attached. Tacky or not- they represent an era and loved ones who put thought into buying them.

  • Mum Monologue

    Yay to those treasured Christmas decorations from childhood. Theres nothing better than old mingled with new treasures, and memories of wonderful Christmas’ and with lovely family.
    Happy times, lovely post!

  • Kate

    Here’s to you and your family Christmas. It may not be as heartbreaking as you fear you know. Hard to believe but my first one after Mum died surprised me by being OK and children help so much with that.
    I too put out decorations that Mum bought.
    You take care of you and yours

  • Kerry

    What fantastic decorations your mum had Jen, I can’t imagine what your feeling this year it must be so hard for you all. But hopefully each year a few more of those decorations can come out and they will always hold a special place in yours, Maxi’s and Mini’s hearts and will one day be in their homes too xxx

  • Cassandra

    Such a nice post…..so cute! Christmas is memories time… I always feel nostalgic during this period… I can understand you… Your mum decorations are amazing….you absolutely have to pass them to your children…. this will be your family tradition! A big hug!

  • Carly

    This has made me cry. SO lovely and what Christmas is all about. Remembering loved one’s and happy memories x

  • Emma

    Jen, take strength from how much your mum obviously loved Christmas – I am sure she will be smiling down on your tree. x

  • Ali

    These are lovely and I agree with Emma, I am sure your Mum will be smiling down on all your decorations and all of you. xxx

  • Alexander Residence

    Well done you brave lady x I reckon you’ve come such a long way in a week. Those father christmasses are so magical, bet they could tell a story or two. I’ll be doing this, this weekend, reading this makes me feel braver about it xxxx

  • Mrsnige

    Take all those decorations, and put them all up. Remember your Mum with love and laughter (it is allowed!). Put them up and think of her, take them down and think of her, but put them up. Each time you look at them you will think of her, but, memories are the photos we keep in our minds. Different decorations will spark different memories and stories, and these need to be passed down to your children, who will in turn share these memories with their children. May your God bless you, and have as good a Christmas as you are able to.

  • Jude

    That nativity scene looks familiar – my Mum still has the same one. Not sure how old it is, but I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t there. I think it’s lovely to treasure and pass on old decorations, and I intend to do the same when the time comes.

  • accidentally, kle

    Your post has made me cry again, just as last year’s did. I do hope that this Christmas is full of happiness for you all, with beloved memories of your mum. I’m sure she’d be very proud to see all the decorations doing what they do best once again! x

  • Houdini

    So sad to read about your mum – I hope, in time, having her decorations and that beloved connection to the past, will help you find strength in the present and eventually the future. May she continue to live on forever through you and the boys. God bless xxx

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