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A love so strong

Even after all these years I look at you and just melt, but we are more than that.

You are my rock, my companion through life and my best friend.

You are the first person I turn to in times of trouble and times of joy.

I love sharing my life with you, but more than that I love making a life and family with you.

I love the way you know just the right thing to say and the right time to say it.

You can read my moods better than I can, predicting and intervening more often than not.

I love the fact that you have never wanted to change me.

I adore the fact you make me laugh.

When me and MadDad first got together, a story which I will put in writing one day, he asked me if I needed him.  To which I firmly responded with No, I want you.  Well today My wonderful husband I still want you more than ever before.  So thank you, thanks for being here for me, with me and for holding my hand through life.  I love you.


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