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We are currently enjoying Minion madness here in the mad house after watching The Minions last week.  We all love the minions, we have done since we first saw Despicable Me.  If you know anything about Minions then you know that our lovable sidekicks love bananas, so they are a big part of our Minions Milkshake.

minions milkshake

Smoothies are all the rage at the moment, but we love milkshakes.  They have a retro feel and take me back to my childhood when a milkshake was a real treat.

How to make a Minions Milkshake


minions milkshake 2


  • Banana
  • Frubes (We used strawberry, but the new limited edition banana ones would be great too)
  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Ice cream (optional)

Minion milkshake ingredients


We used one banana and two frubes per 250ml of milk.

how to make a Minion milkshake

Peel and chop the banana.  Bananas are a great way to introduce children to knife skills.  they are soft enough to use a plastic lettuce knife to chop (UK Link/US Link).

Minion milkshake 1

Blend together the milk, ice, frubes (yogurt) and a couple of cubes of ice.  We are big fans of our Philips stick blender (UK Link/US Link).  We had had ours since 2010 and it is used a LOT and is still in great condition and perfect for using with kids.


Minion drinking milkshake

Add a scoop of ice cream if you are feeling extravagant!

minions milkshakes

We were sent a voucher for some Frubes and also a cinema voucher thanks to Frubes and will be joining them on a special sleepover at Whipsnade Zoo’s Lookout Lodge over the summer holidays.

I can really recommend taking the kids to see the minions movie.  We took five boys aged from 7 to 11 and we all loved it, yes even the two adults.  It was ace and a real giggle!

minions milkshake 3


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