A new addition 8

Let me introduce you all to a new addition to The Mad House.  This is Alvin, our Bichon Frise Puppy.


He has been part of our family for just over two weeks now and he seems to have been with us forever.  He has such a good temperament and we all adore him.

Maxi has been scared of dogs for a long time and we have been working through that with the help of Buddy, who belongs to Frugal Family and for the last year or so the boys have been pestering for a dog of their own.

We have talked about the responsibility that a dog entails and they had been showing us that they could be responsible dog owners.  He has had both sets of jabs and been microchipped.  Maxi is responsible for feeding and taking him out for his excercise etc on a morning before school and after school.  Both the boys have been grooming Alvin (with our help) and as from next week we will be bal eto take him out for walks, which we are really looking forward too.

I am hoping that having him around means that I make time to get out and exercise (no excuses) and I am already loving his company during the day.


 I think I am a dog person after all.

8 thoughts on “A new addition

  • Ali

    Oh what a cutie!!!! Love the name and Bichon Frise have such lovely natures. So glad you are a dog person, have made so many friends dog walking and always means you get out and about. x

  • Pamela Dungar

    You will have many years of fun with Alvin. Our Bertie is well over 15 and although blind and mostly deaf is still a character. Provided we do not move stuff about he finds his way round the house and garden just fine.
    He does like his routine though and can put on quite a show if he feels the spotlight should be on him.

  • Gillian

    He’s adorable! I’ve been enjoying following your photos of him on instagram. Hubby and I both love dogs but have avoided getting one so far. My in laws have a dog and my two just love playing with him, it’s lovely to see. x

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