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A new found love for cleaning products

I hate cleaning, but in order to keep my mind in a good place I need to have a semi clean and tidy house.  It helps me feel on top of things, but I also am well aware that there are various studies about the effects of cleaners, chemicals and even air freshener about and being susceptible to certain cancers I try to avoid all these things.

I have been making my own cleaners for a while, but sometimes I need something a little stronger or would prefer something that doesn’t smell of vinegar or lemon!

That is where Method come in.  They sent me a selection of their products and I have to say I am converted!


Method products are clean, green and safe to use.

They do not contain ammonia, bleach, phosphate, phthalates  and their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

I have been testing their washing up liquid (which smells divine), their laundry liquid, which is really concentrated and manages to get the dirt out of the MiniMads clothes on a 40 degree wash most of the time and better than that is small but goes a long way, oh and you can get refill pouches! You get 25 washes for £5.99 or 85 washes for £14, which is great value.

I have also been using the Multi-surface cleaner in the kitchen and it is doing a great job and I have been so impressed with the wood cleaner that I have bought more when I ran out (just like I did with the laundry liquid).

SO) I have joined the ranks of People against Dirty and am a Method Convert.  Now to just get more shops locally to shock them!

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