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A Pause in Advent

We really have taken a pause in advent this week.  All the activities I had planned with the children and for myself, just haven’t happened.  I have found it incredibly hard just to hold it together, let alone do much more than has had to be done.

I did however, manage to get to the boys carol service at Church on Friday morning and found it one of the most moving and joyous experiences of the Christmas period so far.  The church was packed to the rafters and was standing room only for parents and the signing was just out of this world.

We watched Strictly Come Dancing the final last night and that was the straw that broke the camels back  for me.  I lost it, I started to cry and couldn’t stop.  Strictly was one of my mums favorite programs, we had been to see the live show together and bought her a DVD of it for Christmas last year, which still remains unopened.  She would have loved this years series and it was Mini commenting that Grandma had just given him a 10 for his show dance that set me off.

I am hoping that this coming week with the boys off school and no expectations can bring with it some peace.


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