A Pause in Advent Joy 7

joy / joi/ n. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness: tears of joy the joy of being alive.

a thing that causes joy: the joys of Manhattan.

v. [intr.] poetic/lit. rejoice: I felt shame that I had ever joyed in his discomfiture or pain.

There is a real feeling of joy over adversity at the moment in the mad house.  We are all working hard to enjoy and make the most of advent, without making it a chore.  We are trying to find joy in the small things in our life, yes we have had enough of the snow, but it does make things feel clean and bright.

We had my 5 year old niece slept over last night and she is a real joy, she makes is realise just how much hard work the boys can be, but she also makes us realise just how much we wouldn’t change them.    A very wise woman once told me that each parent cries the same amount of tears over a child’s life time, it is just some cry more at he beginning and I am focusing on that when I had hard days with the minimads.

One of the main things that I have felt this week, is a sense of community.  Our annual residents association carols on the green had to be cancelled this week due to the inclement weather, so we had a carol service in the church, which was wonderful.  Also the weather may be getting everyone down, put the community has really pulled together, the men on the street have all dug out the road to enable us all to be able to get off the estate.

What has brought you joy this week?