A Pause in Advent – Peace 6

  1. The absence of war or other hostilities.
  2. An agreement or a treaty to end hostilities.
  3. Freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations: living in peace with each other.
  4. Public security and order: was arrested for disturbing the peace.
  5. Inner contentment; serenity: peace of mind.
I hasve been trying hard this week to find peace in what is a very busy and hectic world at the moment.  I still dont have the conservatory roof fixed or a resolution with the insurance company on the electrical items, but we will get there.
I have spend every spare moment doing something, including baking cakes for school parties, attending carol services and helping mum with her shopping.
So when I had the chance to go to London on my own on Friday for the Philips UK Christmas Lunch, I jumped at it.  The thought of some child free time on the train really did seduce me.  The day didn’t start all that well, Maxi had a school meltdown (he is bored again, due to the winding down of the term), then I got on the train, but my connecting train to London was cancelled, so I had to hop on to a bus to another station and then take a later train.  But I sat the whole way and read my book and just contemplated life and all in it.
I managed to get to the Soho Hotel in time for lunch and had a great time, catching up with some great bloggers and then realised the time, eek, I was going to miss my train home.  So off in a Taxi I dashed to Kings Cross, just to get to the platform as the train was leaving.   So I had a chat with a nice chap on the information desk and he said I could use my ticket on the first train after 6pm.  So I grabbed a nice cup of hot chocolate and my book and waited in peace for my train.  I managed to find a seat and we set off back to Darlington, but had to wait outside the station for nearly an hour (as the 5pm train had broke down), so I missed my connection and MadDad had to collect me from Darlington Station, which meant the boys didn’t get to bed till past 10.
Saturday I also found some peace, for the first time in over 5 years, MadDad and I went shopping on our own.  My mum had the boys for three hours and we went and bought them Pj’s for Christmas Eve and also my Birthday pressie (some slippers for tomorrow).  The shops were so quiet and we wandered around hand in hand, not having to wonder where our children were.  It was a blissful way to reconnect with each other.
What it made me realise was that you can find peace in even the busiest of places and that I am learning to find my inner peace as I get older and that I am also learning to enjoy my time on my own too.

I really would love some ornaments that have peace on them.  Betty at Mrs Yappy Dog sent me the most wonderful doves (one with joy on) as part of the handmade decoration swap, I just hope she is as pleased with mine as I am hers.   So sorry for the bad picture, but my camera was damaged in the snow fall and I wont get it back until after Christmas.
I hope that you have found peace this week, no matter how busy it has been.

6 thoughts on “A Pause in Advent – Peace

  • Jean@MommyToTwoBoys

    You sound like me. I have been so busy I realized there are only 6 days till Christmas and I have barely paused long enough to enjoy it 🙁

    My husband and I never get out either. I just don’t trust anyone with my guys, especially since one has Autism. But my mom and sister do take them occasionally, but most of the time it is for us to get work done, not to relax or reconnect.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

  • Quest for a Better Body Image

    You’re so right, it’s important to take a little time for ourselves – snatch some moments in the madness.

    I’m finding a little daily yoga is bringing me some stillness and peace – and helping me to appreciate and reconnect with my body. I’m just committing to a few minutes a day (I often do 20-30 mins though) so that way even a busy mum like me can squeeze it in somewhere!

  • Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

    I could so relate. Life has been so crazy the past week with delightful company, crises abounding, and extra grandchild-sitting for this busy granny nanny. But we’ve been between storms and the iced over trees and hedges are so absolutely breath-taking, that God keeps reminding me to just stop and enjoy them for a second, in between all the noise and goings-on. It’s like taking mental snap-shots of special moments to treasure and enjoy a second of peace. Praying you have many more moments this week! Advent blessings to you!

  • geekymummy

    i find peace in the oddest places. In Target, in a traffic jam, but what I love most about the winter is the peace I get walking the dog in a snowstorm. Bliss!

  • Betty

    So true Mrs Mad, in all that chaos where you could have thought the disruption spoilt your day, you wisely took the situation and changed it to suit yourself and got some lovely quiet moments to read a book of all things! You have learned the art of switching off I think, so can now apply it anywhere! I am putting my doves on a bare branch this week – yours looks very at home. Watching the post for your swap, thinking I will focus on Peace too and wishing you a happy Christmas. Betty x

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