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A Pause in Advent – Peace

We had a pretty peaceful start to this week, as we had so much snow that the school was closed all week and MadDad struggled to get in to work.   We tried to make the most of each others company and use the time wisely.

We really all enjoyed putting up our Christmas tree and inside decorations (there is far too much snow for the outside ones yet) and took pleasure in the simple things like hot chocolate and marshmallows.

But the greatest lesson for me this week has been that peace is not something that is always an external thing.  We had a nightmare on Saturday morning when the heavy snow off the house roof came down in one go and took down part of the conservatory roof (which is our family room).  I was upset, angry and frustrated that it meant that our plans would have to change.  But instead we all worked together and MadDad patched up the roof, whilst the boys and I shoveled snow and ice and dried all the electrical items off and then after ringing the insurance company we shut the door and decided to carry on with our weekend.

I am so pleased that we did.  The boys had a fantastic time, therefore, so did we.


Although we will see if there is still peace in The Mad House now that the TV, Wii and Blue ray are all out of action!

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