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I think I have said in the past that I label myself as something of a reluctant worshiper.  But you can not have Christmas without Christ and I also really enjoyed this time of year as a child growing up and going to Sunday school, so I make it my aim to teach the boys about Jesus, the Christmas and Advent.

Last year, the wonder Coffee Lady told me about a book called The Light in the Lantern, which is filled with short stories for advent.  The stories are intended for reading aloud for children of school age and are perfect for sparking conversation about Advent.  The are pretty short, but perfect for night time reading.

Then last week I had an email from Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots, who I respect a lot and she had a link to The Truth is in the Tinsel as her signature. So I decided to down load a copy of the book, which is wonderful.  it is for Preschool age children, but perfect for Mini too.  It gives you a reading prompt and an activity to make an ornament for each day to go with the prompt.  The whole activity will take less than 30 minutes and is a wonderful way to discuss the Christmas Story at a very basic level.  This is something we have really enjoyed doing each day and it has really made us take a pause as a family for the everyday rush that this time of year can be.

This year I also felt that I couldn’t have mum’s nativity scene out, so the lovely people at Playmobil sent me a Playmobil Nativity and Three Kings, which the boys ans I assembled on Friday Afternoon and has been played with all weekend.

We love Playmobil and I love the fact that this is just so perfect to use to role play the story and I do not have to fret about anything getting damaged or broken and the lamp even lights up too.

How do you talk about Advent and the Christmas Story with your children?  Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for me?

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  • FionaCambouropoulos (@coombemill)

    I think you are doing better than many. I would call myself a loose (very loose these days) worshiper too. The kids all go to a church school where the Christmas Story is pretty strong, but I fear apart from go to Xmas eve Christingle service with them, I do very little to enhance the message. They do have a real nativity Calender, but it is missing the chocolates so not too popular! Well done with all you have found to inspire your children.

  • AHLondon

    We do charity related stuff. Adopt Angels though the Young Lawyers Assn and I have them do the shopping and wrapping with me. Ditto for church and school charity drives. We do our charity sort of our own stuff. When they have allowances, we will discuss donating allowances for during advent to charity. That sort of thing. Will have to check out book for olders though. Thanks.

  • Floss

    The books and links you’ve found look just fantastic – it’s so good to see these resources being shared around the blogging world. So far this year our chunky wooden nativity scene hasn’t been given any added cast, but usually at some point a few Lego or Playmobile people begin to join in. I love the way that these things can be played with and ‘come to life’, and I think it’s great that Playmobile have made a whole Nativity set. In France that kind of thing is virtually unthinkable – we don’t ‘do’ Jesus any more. I play ‘spot the baby Jesus’ in the Christmas section of shops, and sometimes he isn’t there at all. Your children are being given a much more open education thanks to all that you and their schools can do for them.

  • Maria @verybusymama

    Hi Jen! Absolutley, as you saw today even though I am behind Advent in our home is a very special time. Love it and good to see Playmobile has a Nativity set. I am going to attempt to make one!

  • Pomona x

    Your Comments
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog – I am sorry that Christmas is a time of sad memories for you.

    When my children were small I always made sure we had an advent calendar which had the bible story in quotations on the inside of the doors – you can usually get them in Christian bookshops.

    Pomona x

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