A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

We have had one of those rare things, a perfect Sunday afternoon. Everyone of us has had a ball doing things that family’s do. The thing that makes it so perfect – well for me that is the people I spent it with, my boys and my wonderful husband.

It is days like these, simple days, where riding a bike, swinging in the park, flying a kite and eating an ice cream at the stray cafe make all the surgery worth while. It is days like these that make me thankful for small things, for old folk stopping and asking where we bought our kites (the pound shop), for people saying hello as they walk their dogs and the joy on the mini’s faces at a really long stretch of pavement to ride like the wind.

The boys had so much fun at the park with MadDad, as he could lift them on to the monkey swing (it is too high for me)!!

We ended the evening with a family curry and then a lovley cuddle on our superkingsize bed. Wonderful all round.