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A Warm October Day

Today has been a totally unseasonably warm day for late October, maybe global warming has started, but I am not complaining as it is half term and the mini’s need lots of exercise.  On a typical Thursday we do our shopping with my mum, so we set off to our local Aldi and got the shopping for mum and us and then decided to spend the rest of the day having some Fun.
Now I have to say that I was taking the shopping to the car when the above was happening and was not all that happy that mum allowed both the mini’s to put holes in the bums of their trousers, especially as one pair is new.  However the boys were having a blast.
The fishermen had been out and were selling their catch from the boats on the sea fronts.  I love dabs and they are wonderful bought fresh from the boats and cooked in a little butter.
Maximad loves the sea just like me, he would have stood and watched the waves all day and night if we let him.  He is at peace on the beach.  We had a wonderful hour chasing the tide back out.
MiniMad decided to join us watching the waves and the seaweed for a while.  He stood next to his big brother chatting away.

MiniMad got sick of watching the sea and decided it was time for a paddle, now I grant you it was unseasonable warm, but it wasn’t that warm – this is the North Sea we are talking about!!
Good job I had wellies in the car.  We decided to then retire to the wonderful ice cream parlor on the seafront, which hasn’t changed since the 60’s and had lemon top ice creams, well the boys did, I had a lovely pot of tea.  We have had a pretty perfect day.

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