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A weekend spent in the Garden

I said that I had grand plans for the garden this weekend, well the weather was mostly kind and we did manage to get quite a lot done
Onions have been planted out, 2 varieties, Red Barron and Bedford Champion.  We have also sown some spring onions (Lisbon) direct in to the bed.
Rainbow Chard has been transplanted in to the bed too, alongside side Chinese Broccoli, which is a new vegetable for us.
We have also direct sown the runner beans, peas and dwarf beans in to another bed.
The potatoes have been planted in to our two barrels.
Our Sunflowers have been transplanted too, the boys are so excited about these and can not wait for them to start getting bigger.
We also managed to move the sandboat and the playhouse, well we swopped them round,as the sand needs to get more sun to dry out, we dug the wet sand in to the raised beds and will be getting new play sand at some point.
There is still lots to do, but I have put away the other seeds for safe keeping and for the life of me can not find them!  I have also got some strawberries and tomatoes coming, which I used Tesco club card point to pay for.  Our neighbour dropped in two raspberry canes, which we are soaking ready to plant later in the week.
We didn’t plant the sweet peas out yet, as they could do with getting a little bigger. 

So my plans for this week are:

Sow some lettuce in trays
Find my other seeds (spinach, Kale, Leeks) and sow in the conservatory
Sow some radish in between the rows of beans
Sow some borlotti beans in the conservatory
Me and MadDad even contemplated putting our name down for an allotment, but part of the reason I love growing so much is that I can see it, the boys can see it and I can walk out the back door and pick something for dinner.  So even if I only have 3 small raised beds, they are wonderful.