A work in progress

One of my Friends mentioned that they had used blackboard paint on the door of their playhouse and I had a light bulb moment – ding!

We used the boys birthday moneys last year to get them a playhouse and at the time painted it in two shades of green as they had requested. I also knew that we had a tub of bright blue chalkboard paint that we had used to paint the top of the small table in their bedroom, so we all set about sprucing up the playhouse.

MadDad gave the whole of the house another coat of the protective paint, I painted the door and the two front panels with the blackboard paint and also a square above the door and then me and the eldest MiniMad decided to add some decorative touches.

We have spent the afternoon adding a farm theme to the front of the house and it looks great.
I say it is a work in progress as he has decided that he wants grass and bugs up the side under the window, which we will do over the weekend if we have a sunny day. I will also hang the curtains we have made.

I had to work hard at not worrying about it being all neat and perfect and let MaxiMad do the painting, after I had done one to show him and it made me think about a saying that I love….

Being Happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections. annon