A Pause in Lent, giving away, not giving up 12

This weekend was Maxi’s birthday party, which was his first proper party, by which I mean not a tea party at home with just a few people.  There are three children in his class with birthdays all in the same week, so we decided to have a joint party in the local civic centre, with a disco for all three.

One of the issues I have with large children’s parties is the fact that they get far too many presents from people and people feel obliged to bring a present, so Maxi and I sat down and discussed the fact that every one would bring a present and what should we do with them.  We decided to let people know that he didn’t need anything and it would be fine to give to comic releif and just give him a card.  Even so, he ended up with lots and lots of presents on Saturday.

He opened his presents yesterday morning and without prompting he has already given one to Mini and two to the church charity shop.

After my post last week on Lent, The Coffee Lady kindly sent me her list of things that children can do over Lent

Give your pocket money to a charity
Clean up your room and give something to a charity shop
Share a smile
Say sorry to someone
Do a chore or errand for a family member
Water some plants or a green space with recycled water
Help prepare a meal and find out where the food was grown
Write a thank you letter
Share a treat with someone at school
Thank of three good things and say thank you to God
Have a TV and computer free day and do something with your family instead
Say please and thank you all day
Find out about the countries where your clothes are made
Read a story to a younger child
Save trees by using both sides of the paper
Spend five minutes quietly by yourself
Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
Hold doors open for others
Give a home-made gift to a loved one
Offer to help your teacher with a task
Recycle your rubbish
Go for a walk in your area with an adult and pray about what you see
Show an adult how to do something they can’t do
Plant some seeds where the flowers will be seen
Have a conversation with someone older than you
Lend a friend a good book/cd/dvd
Find out about children in a developing country
Say a prayer for someone who is unwell or in need
Find out about life as a refugee and spend the night in a tent (we are very much giving this one a miss – too cold!)
Help a parent or carer with shopping
Give a lollipop to your lollipop person
Feed the birds
Pick up some litter

Getting towards Easter
Make a palm cross and give it away
Give someone a Fair Trade Easter Egg
Make hot cross buns and share them
Polish some one’s shoes for them
Make or draw an Easter garden in a place that will be seen
Celebrate Easter