Accepting Change and Trying to Embrace it 1

I am trying really hard to be accepting of MaxiMad starting school, but even though I know it is the right thing for him, it doesn’t stop it being hard to leave him at the doorway.

I am so thankful that he is enjoying it, in fact he was in his uniform at 6am this morning when he came and woke MadDad.  He runs into his classroom shouting “Bye Mum” and that is the last I see of him a blur in Red, which is great.

He regales me with tales of what he has done, read What Time is it Mr Wolf and then played the game, happy that he already know both the story and game.

I am happy that he is enjoying his lunches (I know, I know, early days yet).   “I had pizza for lunch mum and it was the best pizza ever” he exclaimed on the way to swimming lesson this evening.  “oh why is that?” I asked “it didn’t have any veg on it was his reply”.  “I also had cheese and crackers and grapes mum, they don’t make you have a desert.  MaxiMad is not a desert boy.

I am trying to accept the change in my life and move forward.  MiniMad, however, is struggling.  He keeps asking what time it is and when are we going to get his big brother.  He screams as we drop him off in the morning and sits by the door at home.  He has enjoyed the summer with a his brother who he proclaims is his best friend too.

I am hoping that when mums and toddlers starts again next week and that swimming with him once a week and starting all our other routines, will keep him occupied.  He is so keen to go to school like his big brother, so I am meeting with the head of preschool next week (she heard him this morning and asked if perhaps we should look at starting preschool).  If he wants to try preschool then I am willing, it is only 2 hours per day and it doesn’t have to be everyday, in fact she is willing to be flexible.  She knows my medical history and it might be advisable to have him settled before my next operation in November.

Ultimately we are all a team my family and if the boys are happy and settled then it goes a long way to making me happy and settled too.  Things change, seasons change, life would be a very dull place if all we ever experienced was summer.  We need the contrasts in our life to make things seem sharper, brighter and more in focus.  My summer is ending and I am going to tiptoe in to Autumn with trepidation and no expectations and see what joys and delights she has to offer.