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Add personal touches to your Christmas tree

There is nothing quite like putting up a Christmas tree in your home to get the kids excited for the festive season.

Instead of just decorating a tree with baubles and tinsel this year though, why not get the children really enthusiastic for Santa Claus by dressing the centrepiece of your winter wonderland with decorations made from their own hands?

Here’s how:

1.       Creating…a colourful garland decoration

christmas treeWhat you need

  • A collection of beads
  • Wire
  • A small bauble

How to create it

  • Measure out the wire and twist it into a small circle, making sure it is a nice enough size to stand out on a Christmas tree.
  • Next, thread the beads through the wire until you create a full circle – it’s up to whether you want the beads all in one tone or a rainbow of colour.
  • Finally, thread the loose end of the wire through one of your old little baubles, before fastening and hanging your new decoration from the tree.

2.       Creating…a new take on your old Christmas baubles

What you need

  • A bauble past its best
  • Cellophane in a colour that matches the rest of your Christmas tree decorations
  • A button
  • Hemp cord

How to create it

If one of your baubles has lost its string or hook, don’t resort to throwing it away just yet:

  • Get your hands on some colourful cellophane – Viking has a huge selection in its arts and crafts supplies range – and measure just enough to cover the damaged bauble.
  • Pop the bauble in the centre of the cellophane, wrap it up and tie it all together with some hemp cord.
  • Keep the whole arrangement in place by threading a button through the cord, before tying the cord to create a new hook.

3.       Creating…eye-catching wrapping paper

 What you need

  • Coloured paper
  • Glitter
  • Double-sided tape
  • Chopping board

How to create it

  • Cut out your coloured paper and wrap a gift, just as you would when wrapping a present in traditional wrapping paper.
  • Place the paper on a chopping board – things could get messy, after all.
  • Cover it with double-sided tape in a design of your choice – a star would go along with the Christmas theme, though you could be really creative and spell out the name of the person receiving the gift.
  • Sprinkle glitter, which you can also purchase in an array of colours at Viking, onto the tape to make your design stand out.
  • Lift your wrapped present up and carefully tap it onto the chopping board to get rid of any glitter that is hanging loose from the paper.
  • Pop it under the Christmas tree ready to open on Xmas morning.