Afterschool Meltdown 2

I have been expecting it, waiting for it and hoping it wasn’t going to happen, but KAPOW – it happened today, in public and it happened bad.
I have been taking the boys to the park after school (next door to the school) to blow off some energy after MaxiMad had been in school all day. I have made sure that I have had healthy snacks and a drink on hand in the hope that they would help any sugar dip.


But today it all went pear shaped – Maximad decided he was going to have a slide on the skateboard half pipe, which he was doing really well, but he couldn’t make it to the top. I told him to keep practicing and then he would be able too. I also was trying to keep an eye on MiniMad too, as he was bounding about, fearless as usual with children older than his mere 3 years chattering away. I was fine with MaxiMad on the half pipe until he went to take off his shoes and socks. I had told him No earlier and explained that there was glass on the floor and he might hurt himself. Did he listen, did he heck.


So I had to leave MiniMad with a friend and go and get MaxiMad out of the skate park area. He would not come when he was told to, in fact he was being truly obnoxious and obstreperous. I was seething. I did not want to chase after him, as he had no shoes on and would think that it was a game, but in the end I had to. I was hot, red faces and blowing out steam. I made him put on his shoes and held his hand out of the park.


But it wasn’t going to stop there was it? No he had not embarrassed mummy enough or made a big enough scene already. He refused to get in the car. I had to let go of his hand to get my car keys, so again, no option but to chase and physically put him in the car. Well restraining him was a different matter, he kept undoing the seat belt on his high back booster seat, so I thought right, I will put you in MiniMads 5 point harness car seat (he is just within the weight and height limit). After struggling to get him in as he was arching his back in the way that children do when they don’t want to get in, I fastened the catch and went to start the car. But guess what – Yes he undid it. How I managed not to hit him I will never know. I was by this point blowing steam out of my nose and ears.


In the end I strapped MiniMad in and told MaxiMad to get out, as I would leave him if he wasn’t going to get in. It took another 8 minutes to get him in his seat and strapped in.


In total my humiliation lasted 49 minutes on what was the busiest day of the week at the park, as it has been a wonderful and sunny day and it didn’t stop when we got home, oh no, he creamed the whole way home that he was allowed to take off his socks and shoes because other children did and then proceeded to blast our ears for another 13 minutes at home as I refused to carry him from the car to the door, as he had taken his shoes off in the car again. Ah the irony, happy to remove them in a park with glass on the floor, but not on his own swept drive.


He is currently laid on my unmade bed watching cbeebies, whilst I pound all my angst out on this keyboard before going and dishing up his dinner.


I have warned MadDad that he is taking over parenting as soon as he walks through the door tonight, as I will be walking out to clear my head!! Thank goodness I have a husband who can take do this. Hats off to all single parents out there.