Do you go all inclusive?

I have to admit that when it comes to holidays with children we have up to now avoided taking them out of the country!

high tea

However this is all to change later in the year when we go to Florida as a family and now my boys are 7 and 8 we are looking at holidays for next year and when I saw this fab advert from First Choice about their All inclusive holidays it really got me thinking.  If you are a parent or a Bugsy Malone fan then please do watch it as it will make you smile.

MadDad and I have been on plenty of all inclusive holidays BC (before children), we enjoyed some fantastic experiences and the thought of icecream on tap really appeals to my children!  I was discussing this with a friend today and we said that if we could guarantee the summer weather we have had here in the UK we would never go abroad again, but are scared that this year will be a one off.

Now both my boys are competent swimmers they look for a holiday with a pool more than anything else and they also want sports activities.  I really like the look of First Choices Holiday Villages, especially as I know that Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family had a fabulous holiday with them last year.

I want to be able to sit and actually read more than the first page of my book on repeat and that keeping the children happy makes me happy.  I realise that a good holiday isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t the same for everyone and for me it is really about not cooking, not cleaning and being able to say yes a little bit more often.

So would you go all inclusive with children? Have you?  Do let me know the pro’s and con’s so I can look at planning our holiday for next year.