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All this chocolate is obscene…..

Easter, what does it mean to you?

For me Easter is all about new beginnings, about hope, about the possibilities that life brings and this is something that I wish to pass on to my children.   Both the boys have been learning about the Christian meaning of Easter at school and both have a fab letter about Easter, which I published on the blog last year.  We have the boys a fantastic Playmobil Easter Egg each, which had been sent to us by the PR and again which we gave last year and they still play with the toys, but what we didn’t give them was chocolate (Those Lindt eggs in the below image are mine from the boys)!.    They have one chocolate egg each from my Mother in law, but that is it.

Some of the pictures, I have seen today are just obscene, well the images aren’t, but the amount of chocolate in them are!  I do not understand, why would you give your child that much chocolate or allow them to receive that much chocolate?  Now when it comes to foods, both my boys are allowed sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc, but in moderation.

I really feel that our celebrations are being commercialised.  When I was small there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny and we were grateful when we received one egg.  Nowadays the attitude of entitlement pervades everything.  My children would rather spend time with their family than receive a chocolate egg and I am sure most children would too if asked, but for some reason people feel the need to give or rather over give in my opinion.

As a family we look forward to Easter for the traditions we have developed and the memories we are making.  We craft, bake and spend quality time together.  We have an Easter egg hunt, but only for decorative ones.  I give my nieces craft kits or sometimes even nothing. I do not feel the need to purchase them a gift for Easter and do not expect that they receive anything in return.

So what does Easter mean to you and how much is too much?

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