Alternative Christmas gifts – A year of family experiences 16

I have mentioned before that I am a great believer that experiences bring more happiness than things and this year we are going to be giving our boys a year of experiences. This will be a great alternative christmas gift for us all as a family and I have been thinking of a special way to do this.

Alternative Christmas gifts - A year of family experiences

We have been focusing on simplifying Christmas for the last few years and you can found out Christmas rules below. So we are giving the gift of our time and experiences with the kids.

Christmas_list_rules (1)

Alternative Christmas gifts – A year of family experiences

  1. A visit to a football match with Daddy
  2. A family visit to the Cinema
  3. Sunday dinner out  with the family
  4. A trip ice skating with Mummy
  5. A trip to paint your own pottery
  6. A family visit to Footgolf
  7. A trip to a theme park
  8. Rock climbing
  9. A visit to a water park
  10. A family bowling trip
  11. A garden camping night
  12. A mini golf adventure
gift memories not things

Other gift Experiences

  • Horse riding lessons
  • Martial art lessons
  • Art classes – we have enroled on Jennie Maizels online sketchbook classes as a family and love it!
  • Craft classes – sewing, knitting, crochet or even woodworking or pottery making
  • Season pass – to a local venue such as forest discovery pass (we have one to Dalby Forest), National Trust, soft play, zoo, petting farm, English Heritage etc
  • Subscriptions – magazines (Mini gets an annual subscription of his grandparents for a magazine and he loves it), cinema,
  • Circus skills lessons
  • Balloon modeling lessons
  • Skateboard lessons
  • Surfing lessons
  • A family visit to Go Ape or another outdoor adventure
  • A family trip to a festival or music gig
  • Photography lessons
  • Powerboat trip
  • A tour of a football ground
  • A trip on a steam train
  • A sleepover at Whipsnade Zoo
  • A family weekend away
alternative christmas gifts

What gifts would you like to receive as a family?