Always best for baby with Which 5

It is hard to believe that this time 12 years ago we were waiting on the birth of Maxi and we researching what to buy for our first born child.  Maxi was a much longed for child, who we never really believed would really come, so we left buying everything till last minute.  We wanted to make sure that our perfect first born had the best of everything, so we made sure that we subscribed to Which? magazine.

Maxi in his car seat at the hospital

You always want the best you can afford for your children and it is often tempting to buy the most expensive item, however, we learned from Which that the most expensive isn’t always the best product to purchase.

I remember spending night after night researching everything from the best car seat to the recommended cot bed on Which.  It was the whole reason we subscribed.

The Best Car Seat to Buy

At the time we found Which invaluable. There was and still is so much conflicting information about what is the best car seat for your car that we didn’t know where to turn.  There was a mine of information and rather than try and work it all out ourselves Which? really helped up make informed decisions as not only did we find out the best buy, but also the car seats to avoid at all costs.

We felt safe knowing that Which are a leading voice in child car seat safety and that they are independent by purchasing all the car seats they crash test.

We used Which to decide on every single car seat we have purchased for the boys, from the first Stage 0, up to the Stage 3 boosters that we only removed from our car last year.

But Which? is for more than car seats, we used it to help choose Maxi’s pram too!

As a parent Which magazine is invaluable from helping you to work out how to avoid fake products to making sure you get the car seat that will withstand a crash the best. In addition to the wonderful trustworthy reviews, there are also some great guides such as travelling with children and information on maternity leave.

Special Offer

I am delighted to be working with The Tots100 and Which Magazine to promote their special offer where you can receive a free £5 gift card (for, Marks & Spencer, Starbucks, Argos or John Lewis) when you signup for a £1 for 1 month trial of Which, in association with Tots100

To claim your £5 eGift:

  1. Click through to the TOTS 100 Blogger Network landing page here
  2. Enter your name and email address (this is only used for checking you are a valid Which? customer and sending your eGift)
  3. On the thank you page, click “Buy Now”
  4. Fill in the Which? registration form and start your £1 trial
  5. Once you have been confirmed as a valid Which? customer, you will be emailed your £5 eGift
  6. Once you have completed your £1 for 1-month trial membership continues at £10.75 a month, but can be cancelled at any time – there is NO contract.

Your £1 trial unlocks the following:

  • Which? Magazine – Monthly magazine straight to your door with all Which?’s latest tips and reviews
  • Which? Online Reviews – Expert reviews with Best Buys & Don’t Buys for a range of Baby & Child products
  • Which? Expert Guides – Expert advice on everything from fitting car seats to using breast pumps

See through all the conflicting information and choose the best car seats for your baby with Which? Magazine and their trustworthy reviews.