An Apple for the Teacher, well a necklace 3

MaxiMad gets a weekend homework project each week, nothing hard, just a little something.  It has been to learn his address, draw his favorite hobby, write to 20 and last week it was to draw some number and colour patterns. 
He gets his project on a Thursday and it is returned on a Tuesday, so this evening we got back from the park and checked out his book.  The comment from last weeks work was that his teacher liked his colour pattern and would love a necklace like that.  Well MaxiMad decided a necklace she should have (she wont make that mistake twice!!).
I have lots of beads for the boys, which I have bought when they are on offer or in the pound store, as I believe that threading is a great way to improve hand and eye co-ordination and it is a fun things to do.
So off he set with the beads and made an blue, red and orange necklace for his teacher.
There was lots of concentration, as he studied all the beads and picked which design and colours he wanted.
Here is the finished article.  He is very proud of his necklace and can not wait to give it to his teacher in the morning.
We use plastic cord to thread on to as it is easier and you dont need a needle.  This would make a great present for a grandma or aunt for Christmas or any Dad’s out in blog-land, you could get the children to do this for their mummy for Christmas she would love it. 
The last time I was in hospital MaxiMad made me this wonderful wooden bead bracelet on elastic to wear and remind me of them.  I used it like worry beads and it means an awful lot to me and it made him feel like he had given Mummy something very special.  I will treasure it forever.

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  • Karen

    Oh how lovely, I'm sure his teacher will love it! Your bracelet is really lovely, it's nice to have something to treasure and that gives you comfort.

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