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Animal Safe Magic Reindeer food and free printable labels

Reindeer food is one of our Christmas Eve traditions and we love to make it as much as the boys love sprinkling it outside as treats for the reindeer.    We have great fun each year making it for family and friends and this year I am excited to share with you 7 great free printable labels for you designed by The Purple Pumpkin Blog using the same designs as our Advent Acts of Kindness.

Animal Safe magic reindeer food recipe

Traditionally it is just oats (oatmeal) and glitter, but, we live in a pretty rural area and we stopped putting glitter in our reindeer food a few years back to protect the local wildlife.  Now we use other things to make it pretty and light the way for santa’s reindeer to our home when we sprinkle it on our lawn!

How to make animal safe magic reindeer food

magic reindeer food ingredients

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Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

reindeer food mixer

We are not ones for measuring our ingredients so we place an amount of rolled oats into a bowl and then I let the boys loose with all the extras and stir it together. It is so simple to make magic reindeer dust and it is a fun Christmas eve tradition to make your own reindeer food. I mean we need our magic food to sparkle in the moonlight.

How to colour sugar

To colour your own sugar is really simple and fun to do, you just put some cane sugar or sugar crystals in a bag and add 5 drops of liquid food colouring to 1/3 cup of sugar and smush in the bag.  Alternately for a really vivid colour add a few drops of gel food colour to 5 drops of vodka and then smoosh it around in the bag.

To dry the sugar lay it on a thin layer on a baking tray and allow it to dry for 24 hours at room temperature or pop in your oven at its lowest temperature for 5 minutes.


If you don’t want to go to the trouble of colouring your own sugar, you can buy it pre-coloured in the shops or you could just add a selection of cake sprinkles to the oats to jazz it up a bit. I have also seen people add leftover sprinkles from Christmas cookies or cake decorating and you could even use marshmallows.

We then place our Reindeer Food in clear cellophane bags (well you want to be able to see all that lovely glitter, sparkles and sprinkles) and double-fold the top of the bag down, add a folded printable poem label and staple closed alternatively just gather the baggies together and tie with ribbon and add the magic reindeer food poem bag topper using a hole punch. Alternatively, you could use a clean baby food jar and add a ribbon and the poem to the jar.

reindeer food how to

Free printable Magic Reindeer food labels with Reindeer Poem

Magic reindeer food printables

These fabulous reindeer food labels are been designed exclusively for readers of Mum in the Mad House by The Purple Pumpkin Blog and designed to be printed on to small photo paper (4 by 6, but you can also download them and print them off in multiples on larger paper).

Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright, as santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them home.

Download your free printable Reindeer food lables

Reindeer Food Dark Red Candy Stripe

Reindeer Food Dark Red Candy Stripe

Reindeer Food Light Green Chevron

Reindeer Food Light Green Chevron

Reindeer Food light Red Hearts

Reindeer Food light Red Hearts

Reindeer Food Med Green Snowflakes

Reindeer Food Med Green Snowflakes

Reindeer Food Med Red Dots

Reindeer Food Med Red Dots

Reindeer Food Stripes

Reindeer Food Stripes Reindeer

Reindeer Food Dark Green Stars

Food Dark Green Stars

magic reindeer food recipe

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