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Asda saves the day with Click and Collect

Off days, we all have them. Well I think we all have them. I have had an off couple of weeks. The last couple of weeks of the school holidays have been something of a challenge for me. I contracted a virus which for some reason affected by joints and left me pretty much unable to walk. I am getting better slowly, but have walking sticks and a lot of pain.

collection point
Now you can imagine this has been hard on all of us. I am really lucky that my boys are eight and nine and pretty capable kids. They have lots of friends that live nearby and have had a couple of weeks playing on their bikes, playing football and street cricket and enjoying their summer off school. They are able to make their own sandwiches and get their own breakfast, but shopping is well too much for them and MadDad just cannot take any time off until next week, plus I am a control freak when it comes to my menu planning and food shopping and knowing him I would send him with a list and he would come back with half of it missing and loads of treats instead.

So when I was approached to try Click & Collect at Asda it was a real blessing. I could do an online shop and not have to wait in for delivery (not that we are going anywhere) or worry about bringing in in from the door and putting it away. Instead I could order online and arrange for MadDad to collect it to a store close to his clients on the way home, that way he can put it all away and do all the legwork for me!

Me being me, I was super forgetful and forgot to add the light bulbs on that we needed, but I was able to add them on to my order without any issues.

So how was my Asda Click & Collect experience?

• Ordering was really easy and I was able to amend my order up until 1pm on the day of collection.
• The ordering is the same as delivery right up until the last stage (but no need to pay for delivery or books a slot)
• There was a store near where MadDad was working, so easy to collect from and the collection slops were 2 hourly
• Collection is free

Click & Collect was a huge success for me. My shopping was collected by the hus-beast and he brought it home and put it away. It was less than 3 minutes out of his way to collect the shopping and he only brought home what I had ordered!
Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with ASDA and SheKnows. All my opinions are my own.


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