August 2014 Small Stuff 12

August, it has been a funny month for me.  Thankful that the boys were off school, but hard due to health issues.  If I didn’t have the small stuff then I think I would have spend most of it in tears!

august small stuff

There has been a lot of August spent in the kitchen with the boys baking, making and cooking.  It was great to supervise the boys (as I could do it sitting down).  Maxi learned to make pastry this month and we have made pies with foraged brambles, custard tarts, quiches, jam tarts.  Mini has been busy helping prepare dinners and making pancakes. Both the boys are becoming really proficient in the kitchen and Maxi has been chopping the carrots he has grown.

We have also spent time in the garden and then cooked what we have grown.  We have eaten our way through all our beans, peas and potatoes.  The cauliflower and cabbages are all gone too.  The carrots have been a huge success this year.

The boys are both becoming more independent and have spent the summer biking and scootering with their friends. They also went swimming by themselves with the Frugals for the first time.

Mini’s eyesight has improved, mainly due to a massive growth spurt and he picked out some new specs.

Another new experience for me this month has been being on radio.  I spent the day on London being interviewed as a spokesperson for Anti Social Media day, both for live radio and for pre records.   It was a learning curve again, but I am loving pushing myself.

We had a fab couple of days in London as a family, where the boys spent some quality time with MadDad at the British Museum and we all loved the South Bank Love exhibition. A Mum and boys trip to see Guardians of the Galaxy ended up with the boys buying themselves the soundtrack and the earworm from is is “Do you like Pina Colada” which the boy sing along too.

I have really loved the more relaxed days and evenings and the boys have had fun with movie nights and snuggles on the sofa and Maxi has even been carried to bed a couple of times!

Craft wise we have been scrapbooking and personlising shoes and T Shirts.  I even made ombre shoe laces with Miss Frugal.

It hasn’t been the month we planned, but being unable to walk and drive meant that we had to make changes and cancel some of our plans, but we have made the most of our time together.


The Mad House

So now it is your turn.  Come and share with me your small stuff.  The little things that make a big difference.