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Autumn Clothing Inspiration and Care

I adore Autumn.  I love bringing out my thick tights to wear under my skirts and dresses and long sleeved t-shirts to add as an extra layer under them.

Just because the weather has changed doesn’t mean that you need to put your childrens summer clothes away either, especially as most children will have grown out of them by the time the weather changes for them to be able to wear them again.  It is all about layers.  So I thought I would supply you with some hints and tips for making those clothes last over the colder seasons.
  • Layer shorts and short skits over leggings and tights
  • Ads a long sleeved T-, vest or thermal top shirt and tights under dresses
  • Encourage children to wear vests, either long, short or capped sleeves
  • Add a plain long sleeved t shirt under a short sleeved one
  • Zalando is the fresh style retailer and they have some great long sleeved vests that you can use under t-shirts to give that duel layer look
  • Wear leggings under trousers when the weather gets cold
  • Make sure any roll up trousers are warn unrolled
  • When my boys were small I used to add long sleeved all in ones (the ones with poppers) under their tops
  • Buy your children thermals to wear under the PJ’s or clothes.  You can get some really pretty girls ones and my boys are happy to wear sports underwear like footballers do!
  • Buy thermal or boot socks, wellies can be very cold

Whilst we are talking about helping clothes last longer, there was a great post by Design Mom on the secrets of a well mended wardrobe, which is great and after reading Miss Thrifty this week ordered Sew and Save and can not wait to read it more and teach the boys the art of looking after their clothes and making them last longer.  I will be back with a full review once I have had time to look through it a little more.


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