Autumn is here, the season of change 3

It seems apt to me that it is Autumn, it is a season of change, a season of colour and a season of harvest.   I love Autumn and Spring the most.  I love crisp days walking through leaves, hearing them crisp underfoot.  I love hats and scarfs, I love hot chocolate when you get in to warm up.  I love watching the ever changing landscape around us.  I love berry picking and eating!  I love the closing in of the evenings and closing the curtains.  I love that I can peek into other peoples houses when I pass.  But what I am trying to say is it just seems right, for us as a family to be where we are now…….
Change – there is lots of change going on in TheMadHouse this month and also there will be even more in the coming months.  MiniMad has his first afternoon at Preschool today (well if he is feeling well enough, we have been vomit city, but that is enough of that).  MaxiMad is settling in well to school, enjoying his new challenges, his new responsibilities and getting to know his new classmates.
I am going to be working from home part time doing some accountancy work, which will enable me to take and collect the boys from preschool and school and be there for them at all times.
We are trying to sort out the clutter we have accumulated, both times we moved I have been pregnant or just given birth, so we didn’t clear anything and although it is not evident on the surface, the garage and loft are full of “stuff”.  So we are busy ebaying and sorting through it all with the intention of doing a few car boot sales and recycling the remainder.
Colour – we have just decorated the study/sewing/ironing room a lovely silver and pale grey colour and added burgundy curtains.  We are also planning on painting both the sitting room and dinning room before Christmas.  I have just changed my cushion covers for lovely orange ones and brought out our winter throw, a huge red and orange checked one.  For me these are the colours of autumn and make me feel warmer.
Harvest – we are just enjoying the fruits of MadDad’s labour in the garden.  We have harvested our pumpkins, onions, carrots, marrows and squash and are contemplating what to plant next.  The MiniMads are also so aware of harvest due to my MIL being a farmer and MadDad growing up on a farm.
That is enough comtemplation for now, safe to say we are busy, busy, busy and I am also nesting and planning, as my next operation will be on Monday 3 November.