Autumn Manifesto 2012 22

Each season I make a manifesto, rather than setting New Years resolutions and there is something about Autumn and September that calls out to me to make a new start.  I think it is something to do with all those years of September.  I still lust after new stationery and new beginnings at this time of year.  I miss my children after they return to school and try to fill my days and keep my mind poccupolied and my body busy, so as not to get cold.

I love making my home cosy during Autum in preparation for the cold of winter

  • Take a walk in the woods with the boys at least once a week
  • Get out my SAD Lamp, the nights drawing in means I need to make sure I get sufficient sun
  • Pop blankets on the ends of each bed
  • Make up a bottle of room spray(water and essential oils) I use this to dampen the air as central heating dries it out
  • Make Mini’s quilt.  I have the fabric, but I still can not bring myself to actually cut the fabric!
  • Buy some new socks
  • Start baking again (I am getting an oven to review), which means this can start again!
  • draw the curtains at dusk to keep the heat in and the cold out.
  • Try and make a Christmas gift a week
  • Find a course I want to go on for me
  • Learn to crochet
  • Go to the Park after school
  • Make the most of the weekends and try and do something family oriented on a Saturday, as Sundays are taken over with football
  • Put hot water bottles in the beds before we get in to them
  • Buy new slipper
  • Plant some spring bulbs and some bulbs in cups for Christmas presents
I would love to know what your plans are for Autumn.  I am going to open up a linky below and would love for you to join in.

22 thoughts on “Autumn Manifesto 2012

  • Veronica Cloudbusta

    I love this idea and will deffintely be putting mine together after taking inspiration from you. I’ve already begun an “Autumn clean” taking one room at a time and clearing out the junk- making space for more junk at Christmas ;0)

  • Louise edwards

    A great list Jen! I love autumn too, the beautiful colours on the trees and that cosy feel as we settle in for winter. I’m on the lookout for some scented candles :))

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  • Expat Mum

    September is definitely a new year for us in Chicago as the weather changes so dramatically, it’s like we live two different lives. Yesterday we were in shorts and t-shirts and today I was bringing the plants in pots inside because we might have an overnight frost! Ye gads!
    BTW – it gets so dry over here from now till about March/April that we get electric shocks from everything. I find, as well as spraying water, if you leave jars, cups, bowls etc. of water around the house, it really helps. Plus, it’s quite fun to see how long it takes the water to vanish!

  • Sophie Spiers

    How funny – only this morning I was asking elder daughter (6) to consider having a “September resolution” of looking after her own things! (Precipitated, on this particular occasion, by the loss, yet again, of all her hair clips…)

  • becky

    Your manifesto is really well balanced some for you some for the kids some for your home, all frugal and really lovely, I bet you have a cosy autumn xxx

  • Gillian

    I love this post, such a good ides. Hear hear to new slippers, planting bulbs, walks in the woods, blankets and room sprays. That’s a great idea – whenever the heating goes on it plays havoc with my daughter’s eczema.

  • Mama Syder

    I always feel the same as autumn approaches, like I need to have a fresh start. I love this time of year. Your manifesto is fab, ohhhhh and plant some spring bulbs, I want to do that too this year x

  • Peggy

    Sorry for the blank comment bl**dy phone!
    I love your manifesto! I love autumn and to me the new school year is always more of a fresh start than the actual new year.
    Please share about the quilt, I want to make the boys one each too and need to figure out how first 🙂

    • Jen Walshaw

      Peggy » It is the school year that does it for me. Still haven’t managed to cut the fabric for the quite though!

  • Kamelia

    Hi Jen, I am new to blogging and new to your blog. Absolutely love this post will be starting on my Autumn Manifesto right away…:-). I’d love for you to some of your other manifesto’s, Oh and the quilt to.

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