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My Autumn Manifesto 2013

Autumn, a time of new starts, fire crackles and jewel coloured leaves.  A time for reflection, darker nights and spending time with family.  It comes around fast and faster each year. My internal clock seems to speed up as I grow older, perhaps as it is a shorter amount of time in perspective to my life lived. autumn man

So what does my Autumn Manifesto hold this year?

  1. Walks with Alvin and the children through the wood taking time to look at the leaves and ever changing nature around us.
  2. More time spent at the beach
  3. A family trip to Florida with my brother and family
  4. Start sewing lessons again
  5. Make a start on homemade christmas items
  6. Encourage the boys more in the Kitchen
  7. sort the boys toys, sell, give away and recycle all that we can
  8. Find something to occupy me at junior football matches
  9. Learn something new
  10. Decorate Maxi’s bedroom.  We have some great things that GLTC and Next have provided for it, so really need to crack on
  11. Talk to my consultant about operation that I need

Summer 2013 was a great time, the BEST summer we have ever had as a family.  It was relaxed, filled with fun and sun.  It was a summer that will go down in history, that we will look back on in years to come. I see it as a faded photograph with curled ages, slightly worn through over handling, but something treasured to be held close to our hearts.  I think that the weather made the summer, but also the fact that we all tried new things, went new places and really tried to embrace the changes that surround us.   We succeeded in less electronic time as a family, but didn’t manage to get camping.

Feel free to join in and make your own goals and aims for the autumn, I would love to know what they are.

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