Autumn/Fall watercolour resist leaf garland 24

Inspired by Fun at Home with Kids fall watercolour resist leaves we decided to get our new glue gun out and make an Autumn/Fall watercolour resist leaf garland.

We were sent two glue guns (one low melt, which is perfect for crafts and younger children and one high melt from Glue Guns Direct).  We decided to try the coloured glue to make the outlines.

watercolour leaves

Materials required:

  • Card
  • Glue gun
  • Watercolour paint brushes
  • Cord

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We started by printing off some leaves to use at templates.  The boys then drew around them on to a light coloured card with a pencil.

Maxi and glue gun

Then they used the glue gun to follow the lines and create a well for the watercolours.

Tip: Glue guns are great, but need to be used under adult supervision and you will know when your child is ready to use one.  The glue gun that we used was a high melt one (we wanted to use coloured glue and  the high melt one comes with this option). My boys are nine and eight and are becoming more proficient at using a glue gun, but I still remind them that they are hot.

They then filled in the leaves with water colours.

They used liquid watercolours (you could use food colouring)

They also used some standard watercolours too

mini painting leaves

We allowed the paint to dry before cutting out the leaves.

watercolour resist leaves

We then decided to thread them on to butchers twine.  We used a large eyed needed and again the boys did this supervised.

watercolour resist leaf garland how to

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