Why Do Babies Love Mobiles?


It’s easy to be overwhelmed a little when it comes to the sheer selection of baby products that are available on the market, both before and after the birth of your little one. Trying to decipher the difference between essential items and things that would be frivolous spends is a challenge in itself, never mind making the choices when it comes to colours, themes or designs.

Creating the nursery space is part of the fun of having a baby and whether you want it ready for their arrival or you’re happy to do it after the birth, making sure that all the right bits and pieces are in their place for when baby uses the nursery to sleep in is crucial.

For example, you’re going to need a cot! One that converts into a cot-bed would be ideal to save you having to invest in a toddler bed quite so soon. Once you’ve chosen the cot, you then need to kit it out with the sheets and blankets that you think your baby will need. This presents an opportunity to introduce colour or theming to the room.

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Over their heads, either attached to the cot or fastened to the main light in the room, it’s advisable to fit a baby mobile. While they can look incredibly pretty and cute, the appearance of it isn’t just so that the room looks good. They are actually a great provider of stimulation for the baby and little ones love looking up at them!

When a baby is so young, they will use visual, auditory and tactile senses to explore the world around them and, as they look upwards, anything that spins, moves or rotates in an intriguing fashion is bound to capture their attention.

During the first three months or so, you can fasten a mobile fairly close to them (perhaps approx. 20cms away), because they won’t be able to reach far enough to grab it so it isn’t deemed a hazard. Once they start to kick and grab things, move the mobile further away so that their instinctive grasps don’t cause an accident!

Whether you choose a motorised one, a musical one or a traditional one is completely up to you. You might wish to match with their theme or introduce some cute characters. Alternatively, choose a smart wooden mobile that affixes to the light fitting, catching the light as it shines through the windows and providing a permanent object to gaze and admire.

Baby mobiles help young ones to focus, develop motor skills and soothe themselves – not only do babies’ love them, but they are incredibly useful in allowing a little peace for parents too!