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Back to School 2017

Hard to believe that these boys are 11 and 12 and that this year they are both in Senior School. Both in Blazers and travelling on the school bus!

This summer has been challenging – the first year that I have found the summer holidays really hard work.  The boys are both really competitive and at the stage when neither of them will back down.  So the first weeks were spent playing referee not helped by the wonderful British weather.  Yep, this will be forever known as the soggy summer!

Once the weather got better and they were able to play outside more and actually enjoy the summer then things improved dramatically.  We finished the summer with a fantastic trip to Cameron Lodges at Loch Lomond and a trip to Alton Towers and really didn’t want it to end.

I am finding it hard to believe I am old enough to have two children in Senior School.  Two children that are growing up really fast.  Maxi seems to have shot up over the school holidays and there is something about blazers and ties that makes them both look much older.

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