My Back to school round-up 2

Each year I think I have back to school sussed.  But each year I always realise that I have forgot something or forgot where I have put something or something happens.  So here is a back to school roundup with some of my favorite things, things that really help and something I just can not do without.

PicMonkey Collage


Yes I am even thinking about nits on the first day of school.  For me prevention is much better than cure as they can be tricksy little critters.  We have our own routine which works well for us of using Vosene Kids which contains natural head lice repellent.  This year we are also using Hedrin Protect and Go, which is a conditioning spray that you can use on wet or dry hair to prevent head lice.   It disrupts the life cycle of head lice, preventing an infestation and already has the heads up from Maxi, who uses it every morning as it also makes brushing his hair easier.

lego lunch boxes

Packed Lunch

My boys are school dinners, however, their school flooded and they are only serving cold food in classrooms until it is fully open again, so they have gone on to packed lunch.  We were sent some fab LEGO lunch boxes and LEGO water bottles by A Place for Everything and the boys love them.  They have had nothing but compliments about them and even their teacher asked where I got them from.  They are a great size and we love the smaller boxes for raisins and other dried fruits.  I pop them in to an insulated bag and both the boys are more than happy to take them to school.

lumie go

Lumie Body Clocks

I have posted many times before about just how hard Mini finds it to go to sleep and the fab  folks at Lumie were kind enough to send me a back to school pack, which included 2 Lumie Bodyclock Go’s  and a SAD light.  Mini has been using the BodyCLock for the last two weeks and it has really transformed our evenings for the better.  We have set the light so it has a 30 minute sunset, which means that it gradually dims over 30 minutes.  So Mini goes to bed  and starts reading and slowly the light gets dimmer and dimmer until it turns off.  We now find that he often nods off with a book in his hand.  He finds it easier to get to sleep and doesn’t question what time it is or keep getting out of bed.

I love my Bodyclock for the mornings, as I am notoriously bad at getting up.  I love the way that it gradually brightens and I am often awake before the alarm even goes off.   It makes me much less grumpy, which is a huge bonus for us all!

Now the SAD lamp needs a post all of its own, but it was a godsend when I was suffering from jet lag after getting back from LA last week. It lives on my desk and yes it is large, but I know it is goiung to make a big difference over the darker days of Autumn and Winter.

Dr Bedckmans

Dr Beackmann Stain Removers

Mini is just noise with muck on and I have come to rely on stain removers to help get his clothes clean.  I am a real fan of the Hygiene White product for school shirts and polo tops.  I use it once every half term on them and it really makes a big difference in lengthening their life.  I keep my kit together with my other laundry kit and use it regularly and replace when I have run out.