Back to Earth with a Bang.. this year can not get any worse 18

I need to vent, I am sat in tears at the laptop. 
Since we moved in to our lovely new build house just over three years ago, we have had nothing but issues with the heating and hot water culminating in 4 weeks without either heating or hot water for more than 24 consecutive hours last November.
Now we haven’t had the best year as most people are aware.  I went into hospital for surgery in February and due to massive complications developed a major infection and nearly died, so spent most of March, April and May in the hospital.  This meant that MadDad had to take unpaid leave to help look after the children and nurse me too, which resulted in Debts, but he ho I was still alive.
I went back in for some surgery to make good the after effects of the infection and subsequent surgery in November and for the first time this year starting to feel a lot more healthy and on top of things.
Yes we are broke, but we are all together, in fact I have just watched MiniMads nativity today, which was one of the things that kept me hanging on for dear life earlier in the year.
Well Friday is bed changing day for me, so MadDad and I went up to remake the boys beds and as I was taking their bedding out of the airing cubaord I noticed that there was a small brown patch on our bedding, so we made the boys beds and then decided to take a look.  

All I did was pop my finger on a pipe to try and see where the drip was coming from and POW hot brown water squirting everywhere.

Oh my F***ing hell and yes I did swear.  I ran downstairs and turned off the heating and water and then went under the sink and turned off the stop cock, by this time the kitchen was also swimming in brown water, down three walls and all over the hard wood floor.

The next thing I did was ring my Father in law and ask him to come over and help.  I then went upstairs to survey the damage.  I am heart broken.  3 sets of bedding is covered in brown water, all of which was new when we bought our Super King sized bed earlier in the year.  2 throws ruined and well what can I say about our sheets and towels.  MadDad did the best he could and used them to try and stem the flow of water.

It looks as though when our water was fixed last year the plumber left off a washer, there is one underneath the pump, but not one on top of it.

MadDad and my wonderful Father in Law, who is a farmer and therefore, master of all trades, so it seems sometimes are currently on the way to B&Q (which doesnt shut till 9pm and is 30 mins away) in order to try and get a washer and at least get us water if not heat until we can get a plumber in tomorrow and contact the insurance company too.
What can I say, I know it is only a house, bricks and morter and in comparision to what some people go through this proberbly sounds so trivial.  But I think it is the straw that has broke the camels back.  I  have started crying and now I can not remember how to stop.  The thing is I love this house, it has been a real haven, somewhere to curl up and shut out the world, somewhere to snuggle on down with my boys and just enjoy being.

Anyway I want a cup of tea, but the water is off, so have settled on the sherry I got for the Christmas cakes and puddings!!

Hopefully it will all look better in the morning.


18 thoughts on “Back to Earth with a Bang.. this year can not get any worse

  • Amy

    ((big hugs)) what a sucession of events! and nearlly dying??? OMG you poor thing, thank god your FIL is so handy and I'm so sorry you are upset and try to enjoy the sherry xxxxxxx

  • dianemaria

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and just read your story. You're right, it will all look better in the morning. And a year from now, you'll look back at this and laugh. (Trust me. I've been there and done that.)

    So, sip your sherry and try not to cry.

    I'll check back here regularly and I'll include your blog on my roll.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  • Sandy Calico

    Oh no. I'm so sorry, what a disaster. I hope you feel better for a cry. I wish there was something I could do to help. Sending you huge (((HUGS))) x

  • Sew Scrumptious

    Oh no! I am so sorry. What a horrible year. I bet you can't wait to see the back of this one and welcome in the next. It sounds as though you probably need a good cry after all that has happened to you. It will all be ok and it will all get sorted but you are allowed to be pissed off and upset in the meantime. Glad you are having a sherry or two! I'm just about to blog about how generous and lovely you are with a photo of the fab teacup candle you sent me so hope that cheers you up a tiny little bit. x


    Do you know? I think you are doing the right thing, drinking that sherry! I know exactly what you mean with reference to crying and feeling like you may never be able to stop and the final straw. Sometimes after a series of bad times, one thing can suddenly , unexpectably, bring us to our knees. Don't though, let this spoil your feeling of safety in your house, because the house is just the same, it has just sprung a leak, but still your lovely home! Have a good drink, do something you enjoy, even if it is a small thing. I hope you feel better in the morning. Big hugs and love to you. suzie. xxx

  • mothership

    oh, I'm SO sorry, what a crap thing to happen. I think you need that sherry, and lots of it.
    I may have been in the USA too long but I think you need to SUE somebody, aghhhh!
    Still, you have a lovely family around you, and this is a true blessing. I feel so incredibly lucky to have my little lot around me, especially at this time of year when I think of all the sorrows there are in the world (Pollyanna?)
    Bighug to you

  • Slugs

    Oh no!! I hope morning does bring better news. But oh your poor bedding. I know how much you live your bed.

  • geekymummy

    Oh man! That sucks to have your lovely things ruined. Only things people say, but still, they are your much loved things. I would cry too. I hope it looks better in the morning.

  • skirtsandwellies

    Poor you! That truly sucks. We've had heating and water problems this year and they are the worst. Drink Sherry, but not too much or it won't look any better in the morning. Thank god you're alive and feeling better. Next year has to be better, right?

    I know it's a hassle to think about this, but shouldn't the plumber be paying for the damage?

  • Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide)

    Oh no, that's awful. I hope the damage isn;t too bad for you and you manage to reclaim the costs of the repair and your items you've lost.

  • dottycookie

    Oh, I'm so sorry. I know it's no consolation but hopefully the plumber/insurance will cough up sooner rather than later. Surely to goodness next year must be better for you.

    I hope the sherry helped – it can't have hurt and it sounds like you needed it!

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Oh Jen, I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry…it never rains it pours as they say. I hope you get sorted soon and in the meantime just hang in there and drink lots of tea (beg, borrow or steal)

    You've had more than your share of bad luck this year…so next year is going to be fan-bloody-tastic ! Big hugs x

  • cartside

    What a disaster, and sometimes, when your own taps open, this is absolutely necessary and will make you feel better eventually. I really feel for you about the shite year and also the flooding – we were flooded last week, but really, yours is so much worse, how awful with that brown water (at least our flood was rain and bathwater, not the worst).

    Here's to 2010 that will be heaps better for you. ((Big hugs))

  • Jo Beaufoix

    That is so so vile. Glad you're doing better today. It is just stuff, but it's also your time and your energy. I'd have cried too. xx

  • Insomniac Mummy

    Sending you ((massively huge hugs)).

    I truly hope that the next year brings nothing but good things for you and yours because, my goodness, id anyone deserves it you do!


  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    Just catching up – what a couple of days you have had! That is just awful – not just the water but everything ruined, and like you said it is a new build. On top of everything else! I really hope 2010 is lacking in this kind of event and has many sticking, pasting, painting, making events of the creative kind instead. Big big hugs xxx

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