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Back to School 2015

I cannot believe that my boys go back to school today. The school holidays have flown past; my boys will be going into year five and six and in the next few weeks we have to go and look around senior schools for Maxi!

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I always feel so conflicted at this time. I love spending the holidays with them, but as an introvert and someone that works from home I am looking forward to the peace and quiet. Each year I seem to get more emotional. I look at my boys and remember when they first started school and how small they are. I remember my worries for them in those first days and weeks and look at how far they have come.

According to research by Kleenex®, I am not the only mum that gets emotional at this time. In fact, almost two thirds of parents (63%) are suffering a rollercoaster of emotions at the thought of their children returning to school. Over a third of parents will also miss their children when they return to school, just as I do.

Maxi year six

Each year, I take a picture of my boys in front of the garage and we sit and record a list of their likes. I capture a small moment in their lives. Over the years I have come to realise that the first day of school is much more of a significant thing for me than it is the boys. They are actually excited to be returning, much like the 56% of children aged between 6 and 16 who, according to the Kleenex survey, described themselves as happy and excited to be going back to school. Of course, seeing their friends after the long summer break was the biggest reason for this.


I am relieved though that both the boys are excited to be going back to school especially as Mini went through real anxiety about going to school in his early years. First day blues are still a real problem for around 29% of children. If your child is suffering from back to school anxiety I have some tips here:

Media Psychologist Emma Kenny says: “A child returning to, or starting school for the first time can be emotional for the whole family. Making sure as parents that we offer our children reassurance and support is essential when helping them transition from lazy days back into the school routine. Every parent wants to be able to kiss their child better whenever possible, so sending a little reminder of how much you love them, such as a post it note in their lunchbox or a pocket pack of Kleenex® tissues in their schoolbag can ensure they feel loved and connected to you when you are not there. Let’s face it, we all like a reminder of just how much we are loved.”

This back to school season, Kleenex is encouraging parents all over the country to help their children feel prepared for the start of the new school year by giving them a pocket pack of tissues in their school bags. In the ‘Mad House’ it is me that needs the tissues, not the boys, but I make sure to hide my emotion until they have gone!

If you are interested in how emotional parents get across Britain, take a look at the below map:

BTS Inforgraphic

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