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Back to school 2016, a bittersweet time for a lot of Mums.  My boys have had seven weeks off this summer and at the beginning of it, they were ready to kill each other.  In some ways, it has been the summer of bickering, but in others, it has been wonderful.


This year brings real change for both of the boys with Maxi starting year 7 or Senior School.  I can not believe that my baby boy is now off to a school 12 miles away and getting a bus morning and night, but this was the right school for him and he is really looking forward to making his mark and making new friends.  Although he was only one of two from his school in his new year, he will have my niece in the same form class and Master Frugal in his year too, not to mention loads of boys he knows from playing football and all his hair has gone! Don’t they both look really smart in their Asda School clothes, we were sent a selection and they are really strong wearing which you need with football playing boys.  In addition to the outfit they were each gifted, I purchased from the Asda  Slim Fit range and it is perfect for my boys.


Mini is now in his last year of Primary education and will be in school for the first time without his big brother.  I am hoping that this allows him to spread his wings and come into his own.  I am sure that it will be a great year for him at the top of the school.  last year he was a ready buddy and it is one of the things he is looking forward to this year.  He gained so much reading with “his kids” as he called the girls that read with and to him.


Our next challenge will be to make a decision on the right Senior School for Mini.  Wish us luck, as I think it is going to be a harder decision that it was for Maxi and we might need to negotiate with him somewhat!

Back to school also means new stationery, which makes my boys very happy indeed (they take after their mummy)! Smiggle sent them a superb selection of their funky stationery, which Mini claimed.  We love Smiggle, but do not have a store local to us, so we tend to order online.  They have a superb selection of stationery perfect for girls and boys.  At the moment the boys are obsessed with scented stuff and they have a huge range.  They were sent some scented colouring pencils and I purchased another pack for Maxi and also some scented gel pens too.


Mini also has a fab new lunch box, water bottle and backpack thanks to Disney to celebrate the release of Captain America Civil War.  We watched the movie after school and really loved it.  A great family film if you have older kids.

Boys back to school

I love doing the boys likes as I can look back on them each year and see just how they have grown and how things have changed or in a lot of cases stayed the same!

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7 thoughts on “Back to School 2016

  • Sara-Jayne

    I’m sure I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t been into a Smiggle store and I feel like I’m missing out! I can’t believe how different your two look now with super short hair – each time my boys get a hair cut I swear they age! Mine were ready to lynch each other at the start of the holidays – and now going back they’re so sad they’re missing each other!

  • Karen Langridge

    I really love how you have the back to school picture with their current likes on, such a clever idea! And I bet its fab seeing how what they like changes over the years. Big fans of Asda uniform and Smiggle stationary here too! x

  • Sean Falcon

    It is very difficult when the whole summer there is no one to care for the children. Me and my wife making superhuman efforts to have brought my daughter to extracurricular activities, my son to kindergarten. If there is heavy traffic we have no chance to succeed The beginning of school is a small relief to the parents.

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