Back to School Challange 2020 3

This back to school season has left me feeling rather different than previous ones. Not just because I will have a child in year 11 doing his GCSE’s but also as it has been over 5 months since either of my children were in school thanks to lockdown.

So I have teamed up with What Katy Said to bring you a back to school challenge for the month of September. The idea is that we help support each other through the month of September with tips that can ease the transition for kids and parents alike.

We will be helping you establish routines, organising and getting things back into some semblance of order and also there to help work through any anxieties that you might have.

So although this is a photo challenge on Instagram – it is more than just that. We will be sharing blog posts, Instagram lives and stories on how we can get ourselves back into a routine as this is as much back to school for us as well as the children. We will be using the hashtag #BTSMums and would love for you to join in.

Between us, we have five children who range from Preschool through to final year in Senior School and also Katy was a teacher so back to school is no stranger to us at all. We will be sharing our tips and tricks to make it easier for everyone involved.

So if you are ready to celebrate some children free time or are a little panicked about how you are going to cope in a quiet house for the first time in five months, we can help. Lets come together and create a community that can support each other during this really strange and anxious time.